For survival, a strong immune system is our best defense.

From my holistic perspective, living in balance with nature requires some relearning, plus exploring beyond the physical self, to a multi faceted holistic approach. That includes our thoughts, feelings, environment, relationships, and other influences that contribute to health and immunity. This guide offers multiple ways to increase and enhance our natural immunity to all diseases by living in balance with nature as we were created to do.

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PREVENTING OR RECOVERY FROM COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, SARS, or the second generation of the SARS virus from 2003)

Being in the heart of a global pandemic, I've compiled here a list of health tips for what I believe to be effective solutions to help prevent the Coronavirus, as well as things to do if you are infected. These suggestions come from various sources I've been following over recent months, combined with general health practices and natural remedies based on decades of my own personal experience, research and studies of alternative medicine.

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Seasons Greetings from Ancient Traditions

By Marsha Silvestri

While researching various foods for my 101 Anti-Aging Vegan book, I came across some fascinating info about mushrooms. These life forms are not actually plants, they’re a fungus. One surprising discovery is that their DNA is closer to humans than the plant kingdom. I also found several unexpected facts and lore, that connects mushrooms to many ancient practices to the traditions we celebrate for the holidays and Christmas today.

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© 2019 by Marsha Silvestri

Life as we know it is at risk as the Earth's natural resources are being exploited at an alarming unsustainable rate. This will have devastating consequences on human life, animals, plants and wildlife, unless we can generate global massive change. Our ability to grow food, to sustain growing populations, and access to food as we know it is endangered, along with countless valuable cultural traditions associated with food and its role in our daily life.

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING! By Marsha Silvestri Dear Friends, For this week of feasting, I wish to offer a few tips for staying healthy through the holiday season. This post is about eating in season according to foods that are naturally abundant locally for health and balance. I've just completed a new book 101 Powerful Anti-Aging Foods for Vegans & Vegetarians, all about natural, healthy plant-based foods known for their anti-aging benefits. In it, the first category I list are fruits, particularly BERRIES as my number one choice for anti-aging. But a diet of too many fruits may not be the healthiest choice...

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