SACRED GEOMETRY - Visual Symbols, Metaphors & Patterns of Life

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SACRED GEOMETRY - Visual Symbols, Metaphors & Patterns of Life

What is “Sacred ˝Geometry” and what makes it sacred?

Sacred Geometry is the application of aesthetic design principles using Divine Proportions and patterns as found in nature, for spiritual or sacred purposes. It has its source in mathematical ratios, theories, harmonics, alchemy and other esoteric sciences and philosophical systems. In previous posts I discuss mandalas & yantras and the symbolism behind their graphic configurations. Many mandalas and yantras are designed from the same symbolic shapes and principles that sacred geometry is based on.

The word Geometry from the Greek, “Geo” means “Earth”, and “Metron” means “to measure”, or “Earthly measurements”. The study of geometry predates ancient Greece as evidenced in ancient Egypt, China, the Indus Valley and other earlier civilizations. It was believed by the ancients that some Divine Order exists in the natural world, which is the basis and substance of life. Everything in nature, from the smallest atom and seeds of creation, to the galaxies of space, the vast infinite universe of the cosmos, share similar structures and patterns.

The understanding of mathematical principles and numbers are crucial to the science of sacred geometry for the reproduction of natural forms in art, architecture and music. The design of cathedrals, temples, mosques, labyrinths, altars and other sacred spaces have always incorporated elements symbolic of the perfection of the universe in their design. Crafting order from chaos, alignment, symmetry, balance, form, harmony, scale and proportion, combined with spiritual symbolic motifs and patterns, are just a few of the essential qualities of Divine design.

The Golden Ratio, Phi, Fibonacci spirals / sequence of numbers, Platonic solids, fractals, the Vesica Pisces, the Seed of Life, Flower of Life, Tree of Life, sine waves, toroids / tube torus vortex, Merkaba and Metratron's Cube are some of the structural formations, symbols and principles fundamental to the design of sacred architecture.

Sacred Geometry is not exclusive to man-made structures of spiritual or religious significance. It is inherent in everything around us, trees, leaves, seeds, pine cones, flowers, shells, ocean waves, storms, crystals, snow flakes, sound vibrations, even our physical bodies and DNA spirals all contain repeating patterns and harmonics that remind us of our relationship to the holographic universe and the blueprint of all life.


Numbers relate to measurements, cycles, patterns, organizations, hierarchy, building blocks, steps, initiations, musical chords and archetypical energies. Different geometric shapes are associated with specific vibrations according to their number of sides,  points, angles or symbolic elements. Much of the symbolism of sacred geometry is based on numerology, the vibrational resonance and codes of numbers. According to numerology, each number carries a unique value, frequency or essence, as do the letters of the alphabet, which correspond to numbers that reduce down the the basic 9 single digits (a=1, b=2, c=3...). Modern numerology is based on the decimal system of 10 (1–9 + 0), but it's important to note that ancient cultures used different numeric systems, which each have slightly different associations.

Pythagoras was an ancient Greek mystic from the sixth century BC, known as the Father of Numerology. The Pythagorean system was derived from earlier eastern systems, mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, and is tied to the western alphabet of 26 letters. The Pythagorean system is based on single digits 1–9. Kabbalah uses the Hebrew alphabet which has 22 letters and numeric vibrations. Chaldean numerology is an older Babylonian system having more complex mystical associations. The Chaldean system is based on the numbers 1–8, with 9 being a Holy number and the sum of all vibrations. The Vedic system uses the Sanskrit alphabet which has 34 consonants that correspond to the numbers 0–9. 16 vowels have no numeric value but the 50 letters are associated with the different physical energetic chakras. Chinese numerology is based on sound, assigning positive or negative values to the numbers 1–9 according to their sound pronunciations.

Many secret teachings of Freemasonry are based on understanding life through numbers, geometry and symbols, as represented by the insignia of the compass and the carpenter's square. In architectural history, stone masons were the master builders of temples, cathedrals, megaliths and other sacred structures. Many ancient sacred sites worldwide have been built according to the principles of sacred geometry

Sacred Spaces Cathedrals, Temples

Sacred Geometry can be observed in the the geomancy of the entire planet, where we find energy vortexes at certain points where a grid of lay lines intersect. Similar to the chakras of the physical body, it is believed that many of these points around the globe are power centers for natural forces of either positive energy (where a number of sacred sites were constructed, such as the Pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge and Glastonbury in England or Machu Picchu, Peru) or negative energy (such as the Bermuda Triangle, Devil's Triangles, the 10 Vile Vortices known for dangerous tropical storms, mystery phenomena and disappearances). 


The astrological chart is based on astronomy and the motion of the planets. Just as the Moon is known to influence the Earth, ocean tides, agricultural cycles, physical health and moods, each of the planets, according to the placement and configuration of the stars at the moment of ones birth, also have an energetic impact on life on Earth. A 360 degree circular chart is divided into 12 sections known as houses, based on the constellations of the zodiac. Each house relates to a different area of life. The relationship between the planetary positions as they orbit the Sun, create geometric angles called aspects. Each planet and angle are associated with a specific type of energy. The major aspects, such as the trine (120°) and sextiles (60°) are considered harmonious. Oppositions (180°) and squares (90°) are usually considered stressful. The geometry of these angles can be compared to musical notes, where each one vibrates to a unique resonant frequency. Some sounds are harmonious, some are discordant, and different arrangements and tempos create a unique impact on the listener. Some theories propose that all of life is created by and based on frequencies and sound vibrations, but that is separate topic I'll save for another article.

The topic of sacred geometry is so vast, having many other associations with various esoteric teachings, that it's impossible to cover every aspect in a single book, let alone a blog post. Here my intent is to provide a basic introduction to some of the common terms and their general symbolic significance.

In the spirit of numerical organization, Zero seems like an appropriate place to start to move through each of the numbers, shapes and sacred symbols.

0 - The Zero “0” Numeral glyph is a perfect circle or oval that represents openness, receptivity, rebirth, and has a feminine vibration. Zero is symbolic of the void, nothingness, emptiness, no thing, no form, mystery, infinite space and no boundaries. It represents all that is, infinite potential, wholeness, inclusiveness, as well as nothing. It's associated with eggs, seeds, the womb, and the numerical point from which all other numbers spring forth.

1 -The Number One relates to oneness, unity, beginnings, the singular “bindu” point of creation, perfection, wholeness, atoms, cells, God, spirit, origins, focus, individuality, singularity, assertiveness, originality, innovation, the soul, the ego, outward energy reaching toward a single objective, self discovery, self empowerment and leadership are all qualities associated with the One vibration. The Soul Body is the 1st Body of Light according to the Ten Bodies System of Tantric Numerology. The first / root chakra and the first house of the astrology chart are associated with the number one. The glyph for the Numeral 1 is a straight line, like an arrow pointing upward, it's ambitious, individual, unique, solo, independent and has a male vibration. Straight lines relate to masculine energy and curved lines to feminine energy.

The Obelisk is a tall straight monument (4-sided pillar capped by a pyramid shape), symbolic of the “One” masculine energy, phallic fertility, vitality and potency. The Egyptians associated these pillars with the Sun God Ra, and rays of light. The form is described as “piercing the sky”. It is believed that the first obelisks were used to tell time by casting shadows from the sun, similar to a sundial. The first calculation of the circumference of the Earth was made using obelisks to cast shadows. The tallest obelisk in the world is the Washington Monument. Some of the most well known and ancient are 4 Cleopatra's Needles, located in London, New York, Paris and Thebes, Egypt.

The Circle is considered a feminine shape. It is associated with feminine creative energy, water, the womb, eggs, seeds, infinite potential, cycles, revolution, wheels (chakras), coins, fruit, the nucleus, circulation, spinning, completion, spheres, our Earth globe, Sun, Moon, planets, a continuous unbroken path, inclusion, oneness, unity, totality of the universe, auras, haloes, orbs, orbits, eyes, clocks, rings, eternal love, no beginning and no end, eternity…

2 - Where number one represents oneness, the Number Two represents differences, division, duality, opposites, opposition, discernment, balance and the Negative Mind (2nd Body of Light). A few 2 energy polarities include: yin/yang, day/night, dark/light, Heaven/Earth, male/female, hot/cold, action/rest, good/evil, positive and negative. The second chakra also relates to the Two vibration in the aspect of sexuality, seeking ones ideal partner or mate. Lovers, relationships, devotion, diplomacy, cooperation and co-creation are all aspects of the Two energy. Partnerships bring new forms into life through the union of the two, where a child, a new creation or expression can be birthed to form the three or the trinity.    

The Vesica Pisces is created by two equal circles intersected having their perimeter edges touching each other's centers. This shape represents cellular division, is symbolic of the human eye, vision, common ground, mutual understanding. It is the symbol of the fish and Christianity, the Goddess energy, the female vulva, praying hands, light, left and right brain…

3 - The Number Three represents the Holy Trinity, triads, life-death-rebirth, past-present-future, body-mind-spirit, Father-Son-Holy Spirit, and the family unit. It relates to creativity, motion, flow, play, fun, hope, joy, nurturing, seeking balance and perfection, mountain peaks and new opportunities. The Trinity Knot (Triquetra aka Love Knot) is an ancient Celtic symbol of life cycles and other triplicities associated with the three vibration. There are many variations on this design. The basic structure is formed by equal 3 overlapping circles intersected by their centers and perimeters that form the Tripod of Life. When the outer circle lines are removed, the remaining inner overlapping Vesica Pisces shapes form the endless knot motif. In Astrology the 120° Trine angle is considered the most harmonious aspect in a chart. The triangle shape represents the fire element, spiritual aspirations, strength, and are used for the alchemy glyph symbols for the 4 Earthly elements (Air, Earth, Fire and Water). The fire triangle is the symbol for the third chakra, which corresponds to the element of fire, action, achievement and personal power. Pyramids are based on the triangle shape, and are believed to have magical powers of, charging, healing, regeneration and amplification of energy through their crystal-like structure, which creates a vortex of balancing energy. The Positive Mind is the 3rd Body of Light.

4 - The Number Four represents the square, rectangles, 4 seasons, 4 cardinal points or geographical directions, 4 quadrants of the astrological chart, 4 Earthly elements, building blocks, stability, resilience, practicality, hard work, solid foundations, being grounded to the Earth, the home, structures and organization are all associated with the 4 vibration. The square is considered a masculine shape. The four energy connects the body-mind-spirit to the physical outer world. In Christianity the number 4 is associated with the cross, which is also a symbol for crossroads. The 4th house in Astrology represents childhood foundations, the home, real-estate and places of dwelling. Neutrality and the Neutral Mind are also qualities of the four vibration being the 4th Body of Light in the Tantric 10-Bodies system.

5 - The Number Five gives us the pentagon and the pentagram, symbolic of manifestation, magic, the occult, the symbol of man, the physical body and the 5 elements… Where the 4 energy seeks stability and protection of the home, the 5 energy is moving out into the world, taking risks, seeking change and new experiences, adventures, quests, exploration… Five energy is free-spirited, the desire to be free to pursue ones purpose, joy and bliss. The 5th house of the astrological chart relates to pleasure, play, joy, fulfilling ones desires. In Tantric Numerology, the 5th Body is the Physical Body

6 - The 6 pattern is found in the hexagon shape, the structure of honeycombs, and the hexagram (Star of David), formed by two intersecting triangles. This is the symbol of the heart chakra, and the union of the male/female Shiva/Shakti energy, unification and balance. The Number Six is also associated with the 6th chakra, seeing, intuition, inner vision, the third eye, imagination, visualization, dreams, the subconscious and mental powers. The 6th Body of Light is the Arc-line (the halo) which is depicted as an orb of light around the heads of highly spiritual figures, holy men, angels, deities and ascended masters.

7 - The Number Seven is considered a spiritual number of divine vibration and universal balance. It is associated with the rainbow spectrum of color frequencies, luck, serendipity, synchronicity, divine guidance, enlightenment, the 7 chakras, magnetism, charisma and the higher self. The 7th Body of Light is the Aura or Electromagnetic Field. The seven sided polygon is the heptagon, and the seven pointed star is the heptagram or septagram. The symbol represents the seven planets visible to ancient civilizations (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn) which also correspond to the 7 days of the week and 7 metals of alchemy (gold, silver, iron, mercury, tin, copper and lead). Seven Virtues, seven deadly sins, and seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are a few Christian associations with the number.

Flower of Life Stages

The Seed of Life is formed by 7 circles arranged in a sixfold symmetrical pattern. 6 circles intersect at their centers around a 7th central circle. This is the basis for the Flower of Life design. The seven circles are symbolic of the 7 days of creation. They contain the Vesica Pisces pattern, creating the appearance of flower petals as each of the circles overlap perfectly at their centers. It is used as a symbol for protection and the creation of the universe.

8 - The Number Eight vibration is associated with affluence, wealth and riches. The 8-pointed star / octagram is the star of Lakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity and abundance. The octagon is considered an auspicious shape associated with the Bagua from the I Ching (the Book of Changes) - also used in the geomancy of Feng Shui (the art of placement). The 8 sides of the Bagua represent Heaven, Earth, Water, Fire, Lake, Wind, Thunder and Mountain. The glyph for the Numeral 8 is the infinity symbol, which represents the infinite flow of money, fruits, opportunities, time and resources. The Pranic Body is the 8th Body of Light. This represents our vital energy, the breath, fearlessness, healing, regeneration and tirelessness.

The Egg of Life is a similar formation to the Seed of Life having eight 3-D spheres (one in back is hidden), which represents the embryonic division of cells. (1 divides into 2, 2 turns into 4, 4 multiplies to 8…)

9 - The Number Nine is the highest single digit in our numerical decimal system. The Nine energy relates to completion, faith, cosmic consciousness, alignment, awakening to the higher self, answering to a higher calling (Divine purpose), and spiritual blessings. The astrological 9th house is associated with spiritual or religious philosophy and higher education. The nonagon / 9-sided polygon and the 9-pointed star (nonagram or enneagram), which is formed by 3 overlapping triangles. 3 x 3 = 9. The Enneagram is a system of psychology based on 9 archetypal personality types. The 9th Body of Light is the Subtle Body, our sensitivity or intuitive self.

10 - The Number Ten is associated with perfection, the 10 commandments and the Tree of Life, that has its roots in Heaven and branches in the Earth. The 10th Light Body is the Radiant Body. It represents our courage, grace, strength, projection, dignity, nobility and ability to overcome obstacles. Ten is the number of destiny, of what is possible to create from your talents and gifts. In Numerology the number 10 also contains the One vibration. The Tenth house of the astrological chart represents recognition, fame and career. The 10-Pointed Star / Dekagram is formed by 2 overlapping pentagrams one pointing up and one pointing down. It represents the union of opposites, and is associated with the Cabalistic system's 10 Spheres of the Sephirot (Divine Godlike manifestations or qualities from the Tree of Life: 1-crown, 2-wisdom, 3-intelligence, 4-love, 5-justice, 6-beauty/mercy, 7-victory/firmness, 8-splendor, 9-foundation and 10-kingdom).

The Tree of Life - is a motif found in various theologies, mythologies, and philosophies. The design can be created from the pattern of circles in the Flower of Life design.

11 - The Number Eleven is considered a “master number”. It represents spiritual excellence and mastery, and is sometimes referred to as the 11th Body, being the perfect crystallization of all 10 Bodies of Light. People with 11s in their numbers are considered to be old souls having some supernatural abilities and intelligence. The 11-pointed star is known as Girih or hendecagram. It's a form used often in Islamic art. This 11-point star shape is on the base of the Statue of Liberty which represents unity (6 male points, 5 female points, totaling 11), being a gateway to the other side or world to come. The 11 glyph is the symbol for “the twins”. If one fails to master their higher 11 mastery potential, the 11 vibration reduces down to a 2 vibration (1+1).

12 - The Number Twelve has many sacred associations. There are 12 months in a year, 12 constellations and signs of the zodiac, 12 houses of the astrological chart, 12 Greek Gods, 12 Apostles of Christ, 12 tribes of Israel + many other Biblical associations, 12 Buddhist stations in life, 12 Chromatic scale of notes, and 12 Sanskrit names of the Sun… Like 9, 12 is also a number of completion. The number 12 reduces to 3 (1+2), so 12 also carries the three vibration. The 12-pointed Star / Dodekagram is made from 4 overlapping triangles, or 2 hexagrams that form the 12 sided-Dodecagon in its center.

13 - Thirteen is considered an unlucky number by the superstitious. The negative association with the number traces back to the Biblical story of the Last Supper, where 12 apostles were present. Judas was the 13th, who came to represent betrayal, faithlessness and death. But 13 has not always been a symbol of fear, bad omens, gloom and doom. In several cultures it is actually considered a sacred number. There are 13 moon cycles in a year, and 13 months of 28 days each to the World Calendar. The Aztec calendar was made up of 13-day cycles. In the Celtic calendar 13 represented balance and harmony. In some traditions it represents the ending of one phase and the beginning of another. 

22 - Twenty Two is another master number associated with deep spiritual understanding. These individuals are master builders, and have the potential to achieve high goals or status in life. If one fails to live up to the master potential of their 22, the vibration may manifest as the 4 (2+2) energy.

33 - Thirty Three is the third master number. People with 33 in their numerology are master teachers, and very creative individuals as 3 is the number of creativity, the double 3 adds joy, excitement and passion to their personality. They have the ability to achieve the seemingly impossible or impractical. In Freemasonry there are 33 degrees of mastery where 33 is considered the highest level. Jesus Christ was crucified at age 33. The Star of David embodies the 33 vibration from the two triangles. The mundane vibration of the 33 also contains the 6 energy.

Numbers 18, 54, 72, 108, 144, 360, 777 and 1008, are all significant numbers that relate to sacred geometry and/or spirituality. The number 666 according to Biblical prophesy is the Mark of the Beast. 

The Flower of Life is formed by repeating a hexagonal pattern of circles to a third stage vortex of motion. The most common Flower of Life design has 19 complete circles enclosed within a larger outer circle. 36 outer partial circles are removed from the design. A smaller inner version of the design as found in many ancient representations, shows a second stage of overlapping circles within the Seed of Life level contained within a larger circle with the outer portions of circles eliminated.

The Fruit of Life adds two more additional layers of circles, expanding the pattern to 61 circles. The design involves two stages. The first stage includes all the base circles aligned in a Hexagram shape containing 5 circles along each of the 6 outer edges, and overlapping circles throughout the design. The second stage features 13 circles in a star-shaped configuration of 5 circles in 3 120° angles, eliminating the extra or overlapping circles. The Fruit of Life is said to represent the blueprint of the universe, containing the design elements for molecular structures. It has a relationship with Metratron's Cube.

Metatrons Solids

Metratron's Cube (the Holy Archetype) is made up of 13 circles from the Fruit of Life configuration. The 3-D version contains 16 spheres. If we draw a straight line connecting the centers of each circle or sphere, the result contains the basis for the 5 Platonic Solids.

Platonic Solids

The Five Platonic Solids are 3-Dimensional shapes made up of regular polygons

  • The tetrahedron is a triangle shaped pyramid with a 3-sided base (4 sides including the base) represents the fire element.
  • The octahedron is an 8-sided shape made up of equilateral triangle shaped sides. It symbolizes the air element
  • The hexahedron is a 6-sided box of perfect squares. It represents the Earth element
  • The icosahedron has 20 triangle-shaped sides and represents the water element.
  • The dodecahedron is a a 12 sided form of pentagon-shaped sides. It represents the ether element or prana.

What makes these shapes so special is that each one can fit perfectly inside a sphere with all corners touching the edges. The sphere represents the void.

The 13 Archimedean Solids are formations having multiple polygon-shaped sides.

The Merkaba (aka Star Tetrahedron) is like a 3-D Star of David, formed by two triangle-shaped pyramids intersected, superimposed within each other. Mer means light, Ka = spirit, and Ba = body. It symbolizes a vehicle of light, reaching for higher realms, Divine Light, and perfect equilibrium between the laws of complimentary opposites. Contained within a sphere, it represents the energy field of the spirit body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light that bring one from one dimension to another.

Concentric Rings are symbolic of growth, expansion, tree rings, fingerprints, water ripples, sound waves, radiation…

Spirals are symbolic of snakes, water, curling waves, rivers, Kundalini energy, movement, growth, expansion, shells, screws and spinning (as in the dances of the Sufi Whirling Dervishes and the pilgrims in Mecca spiraling around the Kaaba during the annual Hajj).

The Golden Mean (aka PHI = 1.6180339…) is a mathematical sequence of numbers that continues for eternity without a repeating pattern. It's associated with the the spiral of the Chambered Nautilus shell and other spiral formations found in nature and organic structures. It's a symbol for infinite expansion and renewal. These proportions are also common in the compositions of sacred art as esthetically harmonious design and arrangement of elements. A simplistic formula for its use in art and design is: a+b is to a, as a is to b.

Spiral Nautilus

The Fibonacci Spiral is nearly identical to the Phi ratio. In this pattern of numbers 1/1=1; 2/1=2; 3/2=1.5; 5/3=1.66; 13/8=1.625 and so on… This addition sequence is a bit easier to remember: 0+1=1; 1+1=2; 2+1=3; 3+2=5; 5+3=8; 8+5=13; 13+8=21; 21+13=34; 34+21=55; 55+34=89; 89+55=144… Fibonacci spirals are used in the crafting of musical instruments like violins, cellos, and also are related to music and sound vibrations in the musical tones, notes and scales.


Labyrinths - are maze-like spirals or circular designs symbolic of a spiritual journey or pilgrimage towards the center, an initiation, following or staying on the right path. Many are constructed as complex mandalas and some can be quite large as constructed in gardens and used in meditation practices. 

Toroids (Tube Torus) are rotating 3-D circular forms, similar to the shape of a donut. The dynamic flow of energy in a torus acts like a vortex, pulling energy into the center from one end, and out to the surface from the opposite end.

Fractals are objects occurring in nature having intricate formations that repeat in different sizes and scales as seen in many plants, trees, leaves, ferns, vegetables, pine cones, feathers, sea shells, snowflakes and crystals. With fractals, these patterns replicate in infinitely smaller perfect patterns. Romanesco broccoli is a perfect example. As you zoom in to magnify the tiny buds, each one is an identical replica of the larger forms. The Dragon Curve, Pythagoras Trees and Fractal Trees are a few different types of fractal patterns.

Crop Circles - These intricate geometric formations that “magically materialize” in large open fields, have been observed across the globe. There's much debate, controversy and question whether the designs are man-made hoaxes, or created by some paranormal or alien forces. The phenomenon was reported to be debunked after it was discovered that 80% of the recorded circles turned out to be made by pranksters using ropes, rakes and wooden boards. However the remaining 20% still remain a great mystery, showing no evidence of human creation by currently known technologies. The most mysterious designs are reported to have formed in an instant during the appearance of strange UFO lights, swirling vortex-like winds or unusual weather conditions. The sizes, perfect geometric precision and lack of breakage to the plant structures also have no known explanations. Recent theories about the use of sophisticated microwaves, magnetrons and laser technologies, may explain the uniform bending of the plant stalks caused by some form of radiation or heat.


What impact does Sacred Geometry have on our life, and what are some of its practical uses to enhance our health, environments or experience?

Many houses of worship have been built using sacred geometry elements. The arched and domed ceilings, stained glass rose windows, and floor plan layouts were designed to be conducive to various forms of prayer, worship, community and spiritual growth. Sacred designs, symbols and decorations are meant to remind us of higher virtues, influence devotional qualities, and connect us to a higher power or consciousness. The sheer beauty, artistry and high level of workmanship in of some of these spaces is breathtaking to the level of sublime inspiration.

Stained Glass Rose Windows

Following the “art of placement”, as used in Feng Shui, sacred design principles can help improve the flow of physical energy in our homes or business spaces. Understanding shapes and symbols in the aesthetic design of gardens, architectural structures and interiors, can help stimulate certain mental or spiritual ideals to inspire peace, healing, beauty, harmony and balance.

Astrology gives us keys to understanding our own potential, personality and relationships through the harmonics of angles between the planets and houses of our charts and the charts of the people in our lives. The aspects to our chart from the transiting planets can help us understand, plan or prepare for different cycles. This can have practical value as a very useful tool in the timing of events, career choices and forecasting potential auspicious or challenging phases.

The study and application of Numerology, Kabbalah and other esoteric disciplines can teach us much about ourselves, our life, how to grow, improve various conditions, relationships and ability to achieve our goals.

Jewelry designed using sacred geometry can be used to enhance or balance our physical or mental energy. Combined with specific gemstones and metals, sacred symbols in jewelry can stimulate the subconscious and help to amplify or attract desired energies.

Sacred geometry used in art, images, healing technologies, tools and objects can help us enhance meditation, support physical or emotional healing, or better understand our relationship to the world we live in. Creating mandalas as Art Therapy is one technique that has helped people better deal with emotional issues, explore dreams, goals, tap into the subconscious, or better understand our higher purpose. Some of the symbols used in yantras and mandalas can help one manifest more prosperity, and expand ones consciousness to higher dimensions. The Sri Yantra is a sacred geometric design that can be used to attract more abundance into our lives. (See my earlier blog posts on Yantras and Mandalas for more info about the symbolic meanings and associations to many of these, plus additional sacred geometric forms.)

Here I've created some pillow cover designs using the Flower of Life symbol that helps remind us of our own infinite potential. There are additional Flower of Life designs to choose from, as well as chakra art, yoga and peace-themed designs on pillow covers, t-shirts and posters. We will also be adding new designs to the collection soon.

Flower of Life Pillow Covers

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