Surviving a Pandemic - Part 2 - Immunity

Surviving a Pandemic - Part 2 - Immunity

Preparing for Reopening: Empowering Choices While Sheltering in Place

by Marsha Silvestri

3 months into this global quarantine, the world is hotly divided over the next phase - Reopening! The masses are growing weary, restless and frustrated, feeling sequestered, under house-arrest, knowing this entire situation does not feel right. Many are chomping at the bit to return life to normal, but others, especially the elderly are still afraid to go out in public fearing a second wave of infections. They call for a cautiously strategic plan to reopen in stages, where each state will decide if infection rates are low enough to safely reopen. In this age of uncertainty, where threats of mutations exist, how do we best protect ourselves to not only survive, but to thrive?

With situations changing day to day, much of what we're hearing doesn't offer much hope or definitive answers. Mainstream TV and the internet are a landmine of worse-case-scenarios, political opinions, dogma, conflicts of interest, misinformation and panic-provoking news stirring up division, anger and fear. The status quo keeps beating the drums of a vaccine agenda as the only solution, while we're all still held hostage by mandated safety guidelines. 

Right now even with our limited choices, we still have control over many aspects of our lives. The most urgent priority should be self care, keeping the immune system strong, so even if exposed, our bodies will be able to resist the pathogens, or if infected, better fight them to quickly recover. So far with this virus, only a small minority of confirmed cases experience serious symptoms. The most acute cases and deaths are still among the immune-compromised. The elderly in nursing homes with pre-existing conditions are at highest risk. The good news is that 85% of the population experience mild symptoms no worse than a common flu, and many are asymptomatic.

We don't know how long this situation may last. It could be as short as another month, or we may be in it for the long haul. 18 months are what some leaders have projected, predicting new strains of infection far worse than the first wave if states reopen too soon. What can we do now to stay healthy, strong, and prepare to resist any new virus mutations?

Pillars of Health & Immunity

For survival, a strong immune system is our best defense.

My philosophy has always followed that the secret to true health is establishing a healthy balance with nature. On a most simplistic level, that requires giving the body the essentials of what it needs, including nutrition, things that enhance health and healing, as well as eliminating what it doesn't need, elements that disrupt wellness and balance. 

Simple Solutions? With conflicting info coming from official and alternative sources creating a mess of confusion about what or who to believe, we are led to think there are no simple answers. But what if there were? The CDC insists there are no known cures or therapies to prevent this. They're even censoring, and in some cases the FDA are punishing anyone making health claims or selling products to prevent or treat this illness, even if remedies are very safe and effective. Should we trust these agencies with our life and health, the same agencies that have proven to be corrupt and biased against nature? Entire populations, educational systems, health care and belief systems have become disconnected from nature. What if going back to a more simple, natural lifestyle as humans have followed for centuries could be the answer to the out-of-control imbalances in our world? Our lives have become so complex and distorted, with computers, devices, technology, industry, politics, government agencies and the almighty mainstream corporate for-profit medical establishment imposing insane rules and laws, dictating what they think is best for us, manufacturing all kinds of conflicts, wars, chemical, industrial and technological solutions that each come with problems, needing more solutions, which cause bigger problems, until we're mired in a global nightmare that doesn't make sense and feels more like the twilight zone.

What if the best advice is to follow is what works best for you? We’ve lost our intuition as well as many personal choices by design. Since we're all unique, subject to a variety of hereditary, lifestyle and external factors, our needs will never be all equal. Again, these are generalities as there's no one-size-fits-all. I strongly believe in freedom of choice, critical thinking and questioning if something doesn't feel right.

Immunization Vs Vaccination: Presently mainstream health officials, the CDC and WHO claim a vaccine is the ONLY solution for this virus. Since currently there is no vaccine for Covid-19 and creating a safe vaccine could take years, we need to focus on what we have now. Humans have a natural immune system that functions beautifully if we follow the laws of nature and avoid things that compromise our natural immunity. In a healthy body, exposure to pathogens through touch, ingestion or breathing, stimulates antibodies. All healing is essentially SELF HEALING. 

This concept may sound radical to some. I'm often challenged by those who blindly trust everything coming out of mainstream medicine orthodoxy. Though some may strongly disagree with me, health does NOT come from a pill, or drugs or a vaccine. These can address certain symptoms to stimulate or trigger a healing response, but so can food, herbs, and other lifestyle factors. From a holistic perspective, living in balance with nature requires some relearning (or unlearning a lifetime of biased programming), plus exploring beyond the physical factors, to a multi faceted holistic approach. That includes our thoughts, feelings, environment, relationships and other influences that contribute to health and immunity.

This guide offers multiple ways to increase and enhance our natural immunity to all diseases by living in balance with nature as we were created to do. Here I offer a number of natural solutions as well a suggestions and options for staying healthy while making the best of a challenging situation.

Physical Health

Note: Though physical health is impacted by mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual factors, this section relates directly to the physical body's material needs and functions.

💚 Healthy Foods & Nutrition: Most of us already know the basics: A balanced diet of pure, natural, mostly plant-based foods (organic if possible), fresh fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, sprouts, root vegetables, herbs, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, seaweeds, mushrooms, probiotics, minimal animal foods, eggs, yogurt, seafood, wild or free range meat or poultry, healthy oils, teas… Warm soups, salads, foods used as medicine, health and healing elixirs, raw foods, unadulterated foods and superfoods… (I created an ebook-guide that outlines the top foods for anti-aging benefits. These same foods promote a strong immune system, particularly for the aging and more vulnerable populations: 101 anti-aging vegan and vegetarian foods.

101 powerful antiaging foods for vegans & vegetarians

💚 Nutritional Supplements: Vitamin C (lipsomal C helps reduce bowel tolerance issues), Vitamin A palminate, Vitamin D3 (or natural sun exposure), zinc, selenium (3+hrs apart from C), quercitin, immune-boosting herbs, dandelion (fresh leaf or root), olive leaf extract, garlic, ginger, turmeric (circumin), astragalus, licorice root, mushrooms (turkeytail, maitake, reishi, shiitake), elderberry (fruit or extract), Homeopathic PrevengHo-Vir (sublingual). Many superfoods are also sold as supplements, such as dried/dehydrated whole food powders, shakes and blends…

🛑 Avoid Toxic Food & Poor Nutrition: malnutrition, unhealthy foods, junk foods, unnatural foods, fake foods, sugar, artificial sweeteners, GMOs, highly processed, denatured, microwaved, irradiated foods, chemical additives, preservatives, pesticides, agricultural toxins, old foods, molds, fungus, rancid oils and foods, deep fried, burnt, acrylimides, hormones and antibiotics in meat, dairy, eggs, artificial flavorings, MSG, sugar, unbalanced diet, too much high fat, toxins from unhealthy cookware and food storage containers… My list is much longer, but these are some of the worst offenders. Also avoid recreational drugs. Alcohol (considered “essential” for emotional health), may help some people cope better, but don't overdo it, use common sense.

⚠️Compulsive Eating: Be careful of overeating. Being home all day, eating for distractions can easily turn into food addictions, eating due to boredom, loneliness, depression, or just craving food for comfort, which typically is a learned behavior from childhood. Weight gained during this lockdown is common due to more frequent eating or snacking, lower activity, and consuming more snack or comfort foods that are usually high in fats and oils.

💚 Adequate Hydration: pure water, herbal teas, juices, smoothies… Since bottled water could become hard to find during emergencies, I recommend investing in a good home water filter and bottle your own tap water. You will also save money over time. I prefer storing water in glass containers that do not leech any chemicals, plastics or BPAs, rather than plastic bottles.

🛑 Avoid Toxic Water & Dehydration: Water is essential to bodily function, cleansing elimination. Water helps purify the body and flush out waste and toxins that impair health and immunity. But the water we drink should be free of chemicals, pollution, heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, BPAs and micro-plastics from plastic bottles. We need pure water, in addition to other beverages like tea and coffee, which can be diuretic, creating a need for more water.

💚 Lifestyle Habits & Disciplines: Fitness and exercise are vital to health, blood and lymph circulation. Breathing exercises, deep breathing fresh air helps strengthen the lungs and provides needed oxygen to the cells, which is vital to immunity… This virus mainly attacks the lungs, so anything we can do to strengthen the lungs to increase oxygen levels in the body will help this condition for both resistance and ability to recover. Access to nature, hiking, walks in parks, the beach, gardening… Sunlight helps the body naturally produce Vitamin D which is vital to the immune system. Sleep and rest, especially if sick. Observe regular sleep hours, enough quality sleep stimulates natural melatonin production, needed for healthy immunity. It's best to sleep in a dark room without TV, computers, noise or light, about 7 hours of sleep at night is best. Research has shown people who work the graveyard shift tend to die earlier. That includes behaviors like staying up all night on the computer as well. It goes against the natural circadian rhythms.  Also avoid smoking and vaping which could destroy, weaken and worsen lung health.

💚 Elimination, Inner Cleansing: Spring is traditionally an ideal time for inner spring cleaning, detoxification cleansing fasts. Some cleansing programs involve purging. These are best done at home where urgent easy access to a bathroom is essential. Also when fasting, rest from stressful activities is recommended, to go within allows the body to heal. If we are sick, healing and restoration takes place during sleep and rest. Saunas and sweating are also optimal cleansing methods. For people who don't have access to saunas with spas and health clubs closed, portable home FIR saunas are an option, or hot baths with epsom salts or hydrogen peroxide added to the water to stimulate elimination of toxins through the skin. 🛀

💚 Maintain Careful Hygiene: Wash hands with soap, shower after being in public places or after contact with others, or essential workers working with the public still required to go to jobs. Warm salt water neti pot and gargling also reduce/destroy pathogens in nasal passages and throat.

Masks, gloves and protective gear are recommended for different circumstances. Masks are required in many public places and stores, but gloves are optional. If you're working with food, health, interacting with the public or people who are ill, gloves may be required.

Listen to your body. Prolonged use of the N-95 respirator mask reduces oxygen access and can cause hypoxia. Oxygen deficiency causes glucose breakdown and lactic acid rise. Recirculating exhaled carbon dioxide can cause dizziness, discomfort, loss of reflexes, conscious thought, fatigue and air hunger. Driving wearing an air-sealed mask is dangerous because the stale air can make the driver lose consciousness. It is recommended to use this mask if you are a medical professional treating patients or working in close contact with others, and it's important to remember to lift it occasionally to continue feeling healthy. It's counterproductive for people who serve the public for 8 hours, such as grocer cashiers and other essential workers, as they can be intoxicating themselves without knowing it. The N-95 should be reserved more for healthcare workers. For most of the public a simple surgical mask or a cloth mask with an activated charcoal filter is sufficient. If you feel shortness of breath when exercising or climbing stairs while wearing a mask, it makes sense that the mask is restricting your airflow and oxygen intake.

⚠️ Read labels & avoid toxins in home, body and hair care products: soaps, lotions, skin care, cleansers, makeup, nail polish, shampoos, sunscreens, laundry detergents, fabric softener sheets, bleach, ammonia, dry cleaning chemicals, dishwashing liquids, hair gel, mouse, aftershave, alcohol, polishes, solvents, cooking on teflon or nonstick cookwear, insecticides…

Antibacterial Products: I remain neutral regarding hand gel and wipes. I believe excessive hand washing, especially with chemical antibacterial products, reduces microbial diversity that keeps our bodies healthy. I avoid most commercial brands that contain chemicals. I prefer natural products such as colloidal silver sprays, essential oils like Thieves Oil, and natural soaps. Wipes are useful when grocery shopping, wiping down cart handles and items people may have touched. We need not overdo the antibacterial products at home, especially living alone or with family, providing members of the household are healthy.

💚 Social Touch: Although we’re asked to observe social distancing, physical contact with family or a spouse is healthy. Hugging, cuddling and affection, produces healthy endorphins and provides comfort, a sense of safety and expression of love. If you have no family or housemates and must maintain social distancing, a lack of touch could be a challenge. Energetic affection from pets can also substitute for human touch. Cats and dogs provide comfort to many owners.

💊 Medicine & Healthcare: Follow common sense. If you become ill, and it's serious enough, such as a high fever lasting more than 3 days, or have difficulty breathing, seek medical help, especially if you have underlying conditions that put you in the high risk groups. There've been a few cases of strange symptoms, syndromes of rashes or severely swollen toes that should be checked out. Symptoms can vary widely from person to person, which could suggest different strains or even co-infections. If getting tested will ease your fears, go ahead and get tested. Just be aware that many tests have a high false-positive rate, so they do not guarantee a confirmed diagnosis. My personal choice for serious conditions would be a combination of Hyperbaric Oxygen and high dose or IV Vitamin C. Unfortunately not all health care facilities provide or have access to those therapies, and they may not be covered by insurance, so access may be limited for many.

⚠️ Caution! For now I would caution against having a flu shot, as there have been claims that those who have had flu shots in recent years “might be” more susceptible to this virus, or produce more severe symptoms. Virus strains used to produce flu vaccines also are believed to result in higher false positives from CV testing. Lastly, the flu shots currently being given are for earlier strains of flu and will not protect you from Covid-19. Some credible scientists and immunologists claim there has never been an effective vaccine for any coronavirus.

💚 In my previous post I discussed several natural home remedies for combatting viruses, see that link here: 



Mental Health

This involves our beliefs, thoughts, intellectual reasoning, ability to think clearly, intuition, positive & negative belief systems, conditioning, memories, education, creativity, attitude, learning, study, communication, expression, purpose, awareness, questioning, discernment, objectivity, openness, optimism vs pessimism.

🛑 Avoid Stress. Our thoughts and perspective can have a powerful impact on our physical health and responses. During a crisis, stress can cause a number of symptoms, from mild to serious responses, insomnia and indigestion, irritable bowel, to adrenal fatigue, panic attacks, breathing problems, even heart attacks and strokes.

💚 Reducing & Eliminating Stress can be crucial to a healthy immune system and to healing. This can be achieved through meditation, music, prayer, hypnosis, mindfulness, relaxation videos/audios, subliminal programs, mantras, visualization, relaxation techniques, yoga, walks in nature, and avoiding negative people or conversations. 

⚠️ Beware of Toxic People: We could get into heated debates about how this pandemic started, or was handled, playing the blame game, statistics manipulation, hidden agendas, disastrous impacts of economic collapse, or worse-case-scenarios about what might happen… but how does that help us better get through this? Arguing with people who disagree with us only serves to create more stress, anger, conflict and discord. The same is true with toxic people. People who constantly kvetch, find fault, complain and blame, disrupt our sense of peace and drain our energy. Have you ever been feeling good or inspired, or were on a roll working on a project making progress, when you get a call from a friend who interrupts your flow with an hour of venting, spewing all their problems, frustrations, or everything that's wrong in the world? And when you get off the phone you feel wiped out, unfocussed and can't seem to get back on track? Or that person who for some reason feels the need to challenge almost everything you say, cutting you off, never letting you finish your train of thought, with constant interruptions where you can't get a word in edgewise or barely finish a sentence? They hijack conversations with one-upmanship, dominating or turning every story about them. Or the drama queen who thrives on worry, the sky-is-falling panic, the latest crisis disaster? Some people drone on complaining about politics, gossip, people you don't know or things that have nothing to do with you or your life. These are toxic people, and most are repeat offenders. It's a habit with them to blow off steam with you, and leave you drained like a psychic vampire. If you live with such a person you need to set better boundaries. It's harder with family living under the same roof. Now with social distancing it may be easier to avoid some of these toxic people. We can choose to focus on the positives or the negatives in almost any situation, but in a crisis, it is important to maintain a sense of balance, to focus on solutions rather than complain about all the problems.

🛑 Avoid Negative Thinking, Arguing & Venting: Feeling deprived of the right to go out, complaining, watching too much news, being addicted to fear-based theories, escapism and arguing with friends on social media is not productive and only serves to create more mental anguish, which negatively impacts your health and the health of those around you. Physical weakening from negative words or thoughts can actually be muscle-tested. Also right now so many people are hair-trigger touchy, reactionary and hypersensitive to the slightest provocation. Reacting without thinking can make you lose your inner balance and create a ripple effect to everyone, blowing trivial annoyances way out of proportion. Sadly I have friends who have ended long-term friendships over insignificant differences of opinion..

Social Distancing & Isolation: Humans are social beings and need human contact for mental and emotional health. In prison, solitary confinement is used as a form of torture punishment. What we’re facing feels like an unjust punishment to many. Right now many aspects of our lives we have no control of. Millions are without work or income. Many have limited access to foods and other necessities. We're restricted from travel, visiting loved ones, or access to activities we enjoy, attending public events, concerts, dances, sports, festivals, restaurants, worship, work and social interactions. Even important gatherings like wedding, funerals and graduations are off limits, or confined to just a few people. Forced isolation, inability to work, earn a living, support ones family and other imposed limitations and losses can lead to a sense of powerlessness, depression and frustration. This makes some people impatient, short-tempered and irrational, fighting, arguing and getting bent out of shape over things that are not worth fighting about, or that would not be a problem at all if not for this shut-down. Strangers are being attacked over being asked to wear a mask in public. Mental health professionals estimate that the fallout from this pandemic will lead to an epidemic of suicides. If you do feel out of control or suicidal, please reach out for help. If you can't afford professional help, reach out to a friend, family, clergy or community groups and hotlines. At the very least, try to maintain some regular contact with loved ones, especially people living alone, just to make sure they are OK.

Information Overload, Distractions & Social Media: Another aspect of mental health is controlling the inner mind chatter as well as the the external influences and distractions we're all subject to on a daily basis, that draw us into various subconscious states. We're bombarded with nonstop news media on TV and the internet that play on our fears. Emails, phone calls and especially social media friends, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, all competing for our time, attention, involvement, engagement, likes, comments, shares, “watch this video”, “share this article or petition”, podcasts, charities, gossip, debates and nonsense… We're swamped with ads, marketing, trying to sell us the latest gadgets, ebooks, political parties trying to win our support, YouTube videos competing to capture our views. New streaming platforms are offering all kinds of content, free webinars, Zoom meetings and online events and courses, that may be useful, but can be dangerous if we allow them to take over our time, our thoughts, and keep us tied to all these electronic devices, not living life or living our own life. People are suffering from information overload, combined with poor time-management skills and an inability to prioritize tasks on a daily basis as they normally did in their full-time jobs. It helps for our mental health as well as our physical and energetic health to unplug, to take breaks from all this input and devices.

💚 Silver Linings: On the bright side, with industries shut down and fewer cars on the road, we're seeing reduced air and water pollution, and in some areas endangered species are returning. That is inspiring. Cities once thick with smog, now have air cleaner than it has been in decades. Nature seeks to balance and heal itself, and since we are part of nature, our bodies also seek to find balance. That includes our mental perspective. We can choose to be grateful for the things we have, or we can choose anger, worry or fear about what we lack. Life is teaching us a great lesson about personal choices, and the consequences of our thoughts and responses.

💚 Appreciate the Free Time! How many people were working so hard, just wishing for some time off to relax, spend quality time with family, go inward or time alone, away from all the stress or chaos at work? Who wanted more time to read, take a relaxing bath, do art, write, sew, or binge-watch their favorite TV shows or movies? Many artists are loving having the time to paint. Now you have the time to do all those things you never had time to do, which is a gift.

💚 Creative Inspiration: People are realizing what is really important, things like kindness and generosity, helping out others in need. Artists and designers are sewing masks to donate to nurses. Writers have the time to work on that novel or autobiography they always wanted to write. People are learning new skills, taking online classes, and new ways of working from home that could wind up being permanent. Necessity is the mother of invention, and many innovative creators finding alternative solutions to problems through networking and connecting with local communities as well as global communities. With large numbers of people out of work, we are seeing a healthy dose of creativity and resourcefulness, people trying to make the best of things, finding humor in a situation that makes no sense. Maybe laughter will be the magic elixir to get us through this.

💚 Self Empowerment Solutions: Instead of feeling disempowered, we can decide to take action to do something positive for ourselves and others to help make the world a better place even in our own homes while sheltering in place. Maybe start a new exercise routine; or catch up on reading books we never finished; update your resume or take an online course to improve your professional skills so when the job market reopens you'll be ready to apply for your dream job. Cleaning out clutter. Sell purged items online for extra cash. Organizing closets, files and paperwork can bring clarity and open up positive energy flow according to Feng Shui. Resuming back-burner projects can spark new energy, purpose and focus. Artisan baking, cooking, learning new culinary skills are all hot trends under house arrest. We can volunteer to check on neighbors who live alone to make sure they're OK. If we have access to a yard or garden, we can start planting seeds and growing some of our own foods. Transformation of life as we know it is occurring, and things may never return to the way they were, so we need to learn to adapt, and adjust to the way things are now, to prepare for a future that is likely to be very different from anything of the past.

💚 Gratitude: One exercise I suggest, take some time each day to go within, think about, or write down a list of all the things you have to be grateful for. Simple things like having a roof over our heads, clean running water, a comfortable bed, a cellphone, and enough food to eat, are more than millions of others around the world have. Ask yourself several questions. What is going good? What simple pleasures give you joy? What talents or special abilities do you have? Looking at the glass as half full, or finding the blessings in a situation has a positive impact on mental and emotional health.

💚 Structure & Strategies: Being stuck at home there's little structure and discipline, so we need to create some form of schedule, whether that's a daily meditation practice, rituals, or systems to keep us on target with our goals and a balanced life. Success coaches and professionals recommend a daily physical and/or mental practice. Each morning when you wake up your first hour should be dedicated to you, not the rest of the world. Most people from the moment they wake are checking their phones, social media and emails, and hours later, it's already lunch time and they have no idea where the time went. Instead why not start the day with a meditation practice, setting your energy and intent for the day on a positive note. How you spend the first hour of your day sets the tone for the rest of the day, and can help overcome bad habits and a lack of focus. Keep a journal. A gratitude journal is an excellent practice to cultivate positive thoughts and perspective. Do something physical, yoga or exercise, go out for a walk or run in the park. Create a to-do list of what is most urgent, what actions will get you closer to your goals and needs. Prioritize these tasks and try to get the most urgent and challenging tasks done first before allowing yourself indulgences of social media. If you really have a hard time staying on target, finding an accountability partner that you have to report to each other what you planned to do, to make sure you get it done. Maybe you need to unplug from the internet and turn off the TV. Maybe just check your phone and emails once or twice a day, and keep social media to an hour or less at a time, unless you are using it for business that might require time creating content, marketing, responding to customers, etc, tasks that contribute to making money.

Many of us lived very happy and healthy lives before computers and the internet. Some of the happiest, healthiest most balanced times of my life were spent in nature without any access to electronic gadgets. The digital inventions that were created to save us time, have become the opposite of that for so many.



Emotional Health

😀 Our emotions have a tremendous impact on our immunity, health and healing. Happy people tend to live longer and suffer fewer chronic illnesses. Positive emotions help keep the immune system strong, and negative emotions have been linked to a long list of symptoms and illnesses. Louise Hay in her ground-breaking book “You Can Heal Your Life”, suggested a correlation between our emotions and physical illness and symptoms. Examples such as “feeling pissed off”, can manifest as UT infections. Or being stubborn, hard-hearted, unwilling to forgive, could result in the hardening of the arteries, or arthritis. Often a serious diagnosis such as cancer, is enough of a shock to shut down the immune system. Interestingly, cancer is often linked to unexpressed or repressed anger, as a metaphor that something is “eating away at you”. Grief, or a broken heart can lead to heart problems. The pain and grief of a great loss often precedes the deterioration of health and early death, where the expression “died of a broken heart” came from. The thymus gland located behind the sternum in in the heart area is essential to the immune system, If that shuts down the breath becomes weak, and the life cycle is weakened. Oxygen and the breath is essential to life and health.

🛑 Negativity & Pessimism: Negative emotions: fear, paranoia, panic, anger, rage, sadness, guilt, grief, depression, disappointment, frustration, hate, vengeance, blame, shame, victimization, apathy, feeling powerless, all have a negative impact on health, immunity and healing. Grief over the death of loved ones or hearing of so many deaths is justified. Or just the losses of freedoms, income, work, social life, activities and all the normal pleasures and aspects of life that have been shut down, events cancelled or plans derailed, for all of these, mourning is a normal response. Many people are experiencing real suffering, with good reason. This crisis not their/our fault, but how one responds to crisis can be the key to being able to survive. Try not to blame yourself or others for shortcomings. We are all experiencing hardships, so we need to be patient, especially with those whose struggles and losses may be much worse than our own.

🛑 Fear is a normal response to danger, real or perceived. It is our instinct for self-preservation and survival. It can be a motivational factor for good or evil. Fear can be dangerous when used against us for manipulation or control. Fear obscures the truth. (FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real). Fear can cause people to do or accept all kinds of things that are wrong, evil, irrational or not in their best interest, including making rash or regrettable decisions. It promotes hate, jealousy, phobias, perceived enemies, threats and aggression, turning people against one another. Fear can be paralyzing, stopping one from taking positive action out of fear of failure, or cause one to react unwisely, out of fear of loss or harm. Terrorism is one way fear is used to control or manipulate others. Fear is used by organized crime (mafias) to intimidate people. A more subtle use is in everyday sales, advertising, marketing and also politics. On a physical level, fear causes anxiety, worry, insecurity and adrenal stress (fight or flight), which is harmful to health and immunity. It increases heart rate and blood pressure, shortness of breath, can cause stomach upset, nausea, it can even cause a heart attack. Fear disrupts the healing process. When given a shocking diagnosis such as cancer, the fear of death and loss can short circuit healing and spiral into worst-case-scenario hopelessness, depression, and can even lead to suicidal thoughts. We need to re-orient our focus toward life, rather than the fear of death. 

💚 Optimism: On the positive side, elevated emotions: love, gratitude, joy, bliss, forgiveness, a sense of safety/ security, open heartedness, all support health and healing. In some of the longest-lived societies positive relationships, family, community and social support systems are linked to health and long life. We are all experiencing challenges. They can serve to make us stronger. There are always multiple ways to view a situation as well as to respond. Just knowing we do have a choice can be incredibly empowering in a time of uncertainty.

💚 Love & Joy: Activities such as dancing, play, spending time in nature, singing, music, the arts, worship, sex and romance can be a source of great inspiration, positive emotions, joy, bliss, and love all encourage healing and enhance immunity. LOVE is the most powerful force in the universe and the greatest healer there is. It is said that love is the absence of fear, and fear an emotion that shuts down the immune system. So if we can cultivate love, express love, do things we love doing, and open our hearts to love one another, that is not only beneficial for immunity, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, love also has the power to heal, inspire and uplift those around us.



Energetic Health

This is an aspect of health often ignored or misunderstood, but not less important. People lacking the understanding of quantum theories tend to believe energy technologies have no significant relevance or impact on health. Mainstream medicine often tries to debunk energy medicine as “fringe science” unscientific and unsubstantiated. Some even equate it with fraudulent cures or pseudoscience and go out of their way to ridicule and trivialize any potential health effects from some of these new technologies, as conspiracy theories. But science has proven, even though we don't yet have the technology or capacity to see or measure certain things, that does not mean they do not exist. We can't see radiation or microwaves, but they can be measured and do cause harm, toxicity, cancer, even death. If we look back in history at early experiments with nuclear tech and weapons, at the time their testing was not known to be dangerous – until people began dying and developing cancers from exposures they were unaware could cause such harm.

Radiation from the sun is essential to health and life, but excess sun exposure can cause sunburn, blindness, dehydration and depletion of energy. Based on the exposure, Ionizing Radiation from nuclear energy, radiology, X-rays, CT Scans, MRIs, microwaves, radiotherapy and digital radiography imaging can be dangerous, cause cancer, DNA damage or death. Non-Ionizing Radiation, EMFs, WiFi, RF (radio frequencies), dirty electricity, radar, sonar and other advanced communication technologies have been shown to impact the physical body and health of living things. Risks from these technologies have been documented and are still being studied as new technologies emerge and are tested long-term. 

Energy: We're all made up of energy and vibratory frequencies that connect with the energies of the Earth, the elements, water, air, minerals, sound, light, color, heat, magnetic resonance and vibration. Kirlian Photography is able to capture colors, light and measure life force emanating from foods, plants and living things. Our nervous system functions like an electrical circuitry that reacts with the brain, mind, physical and biochemical reactions. 

Energy Healing: In various esoteric health and healing modalities (Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Psychic Healing), an energy body or system is recognized which can be accessed to promote healing and balance in the physical body. According to energy medicine, imbalances or “dis-ease” occurs on a subtle energetic level before symptoms manifest on a physical level. Medical intuitives are able to see or perceive imbalances and distortions in the aura or electromagnetic field, which can predict or precede conditions that are brewing. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupuncture and Acupressure work on an energetic level to stimulate or balance energy flows and electrical connections through thousands of meridians or energy pathways that exist in the body.

Chakras: In Ayurvedic Medicine a similar system of energy channels, composed of thousands of subtle meridians are referred to as the “Nadis”. In Yoga and various eastern systems, the chakras, aura, nadis and vayus are energetic concepts that correspond to the gross physical anatomy and functions. The chakras are major energy vortices, that relate to physical as well as emotional, mental and spiritual conditions, levels of awareness or consciousness. To learn more about these systems see my early LifeBlog posts on The Chakras.

These subtle modalities teach us that we are more than our cells, bones, blood, organs and physical structures which can be seen, felt, or perceived with our 5 senses. Some of these systems are thousands of years old, much older than western allopathic medicine, and their benefits have been proven effective and do not carry the same iatrogenic risks or side effects as pharmaceutical medicine and other invasive allopathic medical treatments.

💚 Homeoprophylaxis: (HP) The science behind Homeopathy is based the “Like Cures Like” theory, where substances that can produce symptoms can also be used to cure those conditions when used in a diluted form. Nosodes are substances derived from animal, mineral, plant or disease matter that are diluted and potentsized in water to infuse their energy or frequencies of the substances into the water. HP magnifies the healing power of these elements which are used as a form of immunology. When introduced in the human body they produce an immune response. HP is much safer than pharmaceutical vaccines (which contain various toxins: adjuvuncts, mercury, aluminum, preservatives, animal or fetal DNA…). After dilution, HP contains no molecular remains of these source materials, but their frequency is recognized by the body to stimulate immunity to a particular pathogen…

Magnetic Resonance, healing using magnets, is another form of energy medicine. Sound therapy uses the vibrations of music, tones and mantras for healing. The technology of “cymatics” shows harmonic patterns and shapes formed by various sound frequencies. Indigenous and shamanic healers throughout the world have used crystals, sound and natural elements to align or amplify energies that are inherent in these objects to help balance and promote healing through their vibration. A few scientists and innovators such as Royal Rife, have explored healing using frequency generators to treat diseases, resulting in very interesting, sometimes miraculous results. One might say “There is more to energy medicine than meets the eye.”

So what does energy have to do with this virus? And how can we use it to protect our health and/or stimulate our immune system?

A fairly recent area of medicine involves the impact of EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies) on biological health and life. This deals with EMF toxicity from cellphones, communication towers, antennas, WiFi, microwaves, electrical chaos from smart meters, electronics, computers, TVs, smart devices / appliances, power lines and electrical wiring throughout cities, homes and buildings. Health professionals are warning us that too much EMF exposure can be causing significant physical weakening, with symptoms, including fatigue, headaches, lowered immunity, lack of focus, insomnia, nervousness, brain swelling, accelerated multiplication of mold spores in the body as well as other disease pathogens… More extreme long-term issues include: cancers, tumors, infertility and other problems. Even blue LED light from LCD displays is causing vision impairment and blindness. Being on lockdown, shut in our homes, much of the population are glued to their phones, TVs, computers and devices to keep up with the outside world and the latest news. Many homes and offices use only artificial light, which is not full-spectrum needed for eye and brain health as sunlight provides. Parks and beaches have been closed in many states. People are not spending time in nature needed to restore healthy balance, connecting to natural Earth energies, grounding, the ocean, trees, plants, or life according to natural circadian rhythms. The lack of exposure to nature, combined with constant exposures to EMFs, has a weakening effect on the immune system, that can make one more vulnerable to diseases, viruses and pathogens.

Oxygen a Vital Key: What is very interesting are observations by several doctors who claim what they are seeing in the most severe CV19 cases are not the acute pneumonia symptoms of SARS as first believed, but something strange, more similar to altitude sickness, or the bends, a lack of oxygen intake rather than an inability to breathe. A lack of oxygen is what is causing organ failure. In acute cases, most patients put on ventilators are dying. One doctor observed that patients when given oxygen, most recover. Oxygen therapies such as hyperbaric oxygen have been shown to be beneficial, as are other oxygen therapies. 

Possible 5G Connection? A very controversial theory points out that many symptoms observed in this illness mimic the side effects of Radio Spectrum Radiation Poisoning associated with the new Fifth Generation High Speed WiFi technology signals for wireless mobile communications. 5G short wave RF exposure is associated with a long list of symptoms and heath effects that include: headaches, fever, insomnia, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, tremors, depression, memory loss, anxiety, heart arrhythmia, inflammation, lowered sperm count, infertility, asthma, bronchitis, sinus, dehydration, breathlessness, dry cough, muscle spasms, acidic conditions, and many other health issues. At 60 GHz, a frequency this technology will broadcast at to penetrate walls of homes, structures and buildings, causes a disruption of the hemoglobin and oxygen uptake in the body. The many 5G-related flu-like symptoms being the same as the those observed in Covid-19, have only served to fuel conspiracy theory speculations.

Coincidentally, the first city to implement the full rollout of 5G in 2019 was Wuhan China. The timing of the rollout shortly before the start of the Covid-19 breakout, caused some to suspect that 5G RF could be somehow linked, or even the source of the illness rather than a virus. Other areas hardest hit by the virus early on included, Italy, Spain, New York, London and large cities where 5G is already in use. Cruise ships, hospitals and airports are also heavily 5G-enabled. Those theories are challenged by the fact that 5G is not yet established in many areas where the virus has spread. The CTs claim this can be the result of 5G satellites already beaming signals to those areas impacting the local populations. Anther factor could be toxic exposures from heavy GE global aerosol spraying (aka chemtrails) and even air pollution contributing to lung toxicity symptoms. Wuhan was one of the highest polluted cities in China. Infection and death rates were also high in other cities having high levels of air pollution. It is possible that this virus has multiple causative factors related to toxicity form various sources. There are many more theories too complex to explore fully here. Some point to previous flu vaccine programs as a contagion factor, with questions remaining about the actual virus origin being natural or manufactured using illegal gain-of-function research. 

Such theories suspect a genetically engineered virus may have been manipulated in a lab, which when triggered by 5G or other EMF immune system disruptions, made people more susceptible to this virus. There are still many questions and evidence the mainstream telecom industry has been suppressing for years regarding the biological health risks from EMF, RF and MW technologies, even earlier 3G and the current 4G bandwidths. Mainstream media has been heavily censoring any content which suggests a connection between 5G and Covid-19, which makes one wonder if they have something to hide with so much profit ($ trillions) at stake. Whether or not a connection exists, there are still major concerns about 5G and its risks and impacts on health. 

An EMF Weapon? A major concern is that 5G has been in use as a military grade weapon for crowd control. Weaponized, it can quickly weaken or disable targeted individuals, causing severe pain, heat, fever, or burning sensations, and has the potential to kill and destroy entire populations. That has raised alarming concerns about its safety, dangerous potential and longterm health impacts.

Hundreds of scientists and thousands of citizens from over 120 countries are protesting the 2020 proposed global rollout of 5G by the major telecom companies. The advantage of 5G boasts lightning-fast download speeds up to 100 times faster than the current 4G signals. The rollout plans to erect more than 40,000 cell towers, and 65,000 small cell nodes, connected to a smart grid of 50,000 satellites and a network of 2 million ground antennas. The reason for so many towers and antennas is that 5G EMF waves are shorter than 4G's wider waves which cannot travel as far, so the antennas must be placed every few hundred feet in order to provide maximum and eventually total coverage. Its public opposition is growing citing both health concerns as well as privacy, surveillance abuse, and related technologies such as AI, tracking, global cryptocurrency, RFID microchips for totalitarian government control of populations via smart chips. For more info, this is a great article: 

EMF toxicity is real (from 5G + other sources). It causes a weakening of the immune system needed to fight pathogens. All these EMFs are not natural or safe for human health, as well as many other species which have been experiencing massive unexplained die-offs in recent years. So what can we do to protect ourselves? It would be safe to limit exposures to all kinds of EMF and microwaves at this time if possible, to protect the immune system. Balance with nature is key.

💚 Reduce EMF Exposures: Unplug devices before going to bed, or better yet, remove them from the bedroom at least during sleep hours. If possible, use hardwired cable connections rather than WiFi signals for computers and TV. Refuse electricity smart meters in homes. Get EMF protector sleeves for phones, and use headsets or wired earbuds instead of bluetooth or holding phones against the head. Do not carry cellphones in pockets near the genitals or breasts, and turn them off when not in use (especially if using the latest 5G enabled phones). Never keep cellphones near your bed, or if you must, keep them at least 3 feet away from your head and body, and use some type of EMF shield. I believe with some phones and 5G enabled devices, you have the option to turn that off and choose to run them on the 4G bandwidth, which will still work in default. Not all areas will have 5G, so people with earlier phones need to have cellphone access. Also don't use microwave ovens, but if you do, leave the room while they are running.

💚 Earthing/Grounding: Spend time in nature as much as possible! Humans were not created to be cooped up indoors for long periods. We need to reestablish our connection to the Earth energy, sitting, walking barefoot on the ground, grass, beach or swimming in oceans, lakes rivers, hugging trees, breathing the salt ion-rich air near the ocean, gardening, hiking, getting off the grid some of the time. Obviously not everyone has access to all these places, especially living in cities during this stay-at-home order. But it is essential to do what you can to restore balance with Mother Earth.

💚 Human & Living Energy Connections: The last suggestion I'll add here are the energetic social and psychic connections, from our relationships with other living beings, animals and plants, which can all benefit our emotional and mental health, thus enhance our physical health and immune response. If or when you can, spend time with loved ones. Even phone calls or Facetime can be comforting when you can't be together physically. If you're fortunate to have family nearby, hug and touch them, show affection. Don't practice social distancing with loved ones unless there is good reason (such as having elderly parents or family members who are ill or in fragile health). Obviously if you are ill, or experiencing any flu-like symptoms, stay away from others until you are better. If you really need to go out for medicine or food, be sure to wear a mask and observe social distancing.



Spiritual Health

Spirituality is another one of those invisible forces and esoteric mysteries that's hard to prove, yet it plays a major role in the physical health, mental beliefs, emotions and energy forces. Throughout time, diverse cultures and civilizations have used spiritual practices to promote healing, peace and inspiration. Religious worship, ceremonies, rituals, spiritual music, songs, mantras, prayer, and the group energy of congregations provide a sense of faith, belief, hope and trust. These are powerful spiritual forces, capable of miracles, that connect us to a higher force, a collective consciousness known by many names, some call God consciousness. Much has been written about spontaneous healing from serious conditions based on faith, prayer or Divine intervention.

Seclusion Pros & Cons: With the public on lockdown unable to attend worship services, people are feeling separated from the spiritual communities they've turned to and relied on for spiritual support, holy fellowship, comfort and inspiration. But not all spiritual traditions view seclusion as a challenge. Many religions observe solitude as helpful for deep meditation to go within to find their own inner truth, peace and self awareness. In eastern religions, retreat is part of a spiritual practice. In many spiritual traditions monks, nuns, initiates and seekers choose to separate from society temporarily for a variety of reasons, to meditate, to pray, to find themselves, to heal, or to connect with a higher spirit.

💚 Spiritual activities we can all do at home or alone: Prayer, meditation, reading holy books and scriptures, philosophical study, contemplation, affirmations, writing in journals. Art and creative expression can be a form of spiritual work… Singing, spiritual music, kirtan, sacred chants, reciting mantras, Gurbani, playing or listening to high-vibration instruments and music. Nature sounds, either live, (birds singing, the sounds of rainfall, a flowing fountain or brook, ocean waves, crickets chirping…), or recorded, through our imagination, can create a connection to nature. All these activities can keep us connected to a higher spiritual energy and oneness with the universe or our creator. 

💚 Acceptance, surrender, knowing there are some things you can change and others that are beyond your power can bring peace during difficult times. The Serenity Prayer has helped countless people worldwide. ~ God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. ~ It has helped people find peace, strength and courage to live one day at a time and do the best they can, with dignity and grace.

💚 Spiritual tools and helpful qualities beneficial to cultivate now, not only for ourselves, but also for loved ones and humanity, include: kindness, courage, compassion, care, generosity, grace, peace, surrender, integrity, truth in action, conviction of righteousness, respect, reverence, and forgiveness, understanding people have different opinions and respecting people's choices without judgement…

💚 Online Gatherings, Prayer Groups and Global Meditations: Spiritual groups have organized online worship services and networks of like-minded community gatherings through ZOOM events, webinars, Facebook Live, and other live streaming services. Spiritual courses, sermons, satsangs, talks and practices are available through YouTube videos, Vimeo, and other video learning platforms where one can get access to all kinds of information and content to help us better weather the storms of this crisis.

💚 Take this time to reevaluate priorities. Ask meaningful questions. Seek the truth. Use your intuition and critical thinking to know who to trust, and recognize when something feels not right, or where someone has hidden agendas or ulterior motives. What is most important? What do we need to change? How do we wish to live our lives? What is the universe asking of us now? How can we use our creativity to make the most of what faces us today, being in the present, instead of longing for the past and fearing the future? What can we do right now to live clean, pure lifestyles? Align with your inner truth. For those who are out of work or have lost jobs or income, ask: How can I best serve? What do I really want to be doing? If you don't know the answers to any of these questions, pray that the right answers or solutions be revealed. Visualize the kind of life you'd like to create. And believe it is within your power to make it happen. Creating vision boards is a great visualization tool for imagining your ideal dream life.



Global Health Truth or Propaganda?

We're at a critical point in time where humanity is at risk, not only from a mystery virus, but from dangerous losses of freedom where this pandemic is being used to usher in some pretty tyrannical agendas. Major corruption by wealthy global leaders and industrial interests are controlling health policies for profit and power agendas while destroying nature and all that is sacred. It's obvious things have gotten out of control and much needs to change on many levels if we’re to survive this crisis. I'm reminded of a film I saw in 1982 called Koyaanisqatsi (a Hopi word meaning Life Out of Balance). The film was a disturbing prophetic look into a future where human civilization had become a chaotic accelerated treadmill, showing the devastating effects of industry, technology, overcrowding and the destruction degradation of life, heading for disaster, calling for a transformation back to traditional values if we wish to survive. 

Agendas: Currently in 2020 people are at cross forces with giant corporate bullies who exploit the planet's resources and humanity. Many believe this lockdown is not about protecting public health, but rather taking away people's rights and installing a totalitarian world government. Never before in history were healthy populations forced into quarantine. Usually only the sick were sequestered. So much feels unreal, like some futuristic psy-op or sci-fi horror film. Mainstream media has sensationalized this into a global crisis spewing nonstop pre-emptive news coverage, fear-mongering, death figures, dire warnings and governments shutting down life as we know it. Stats for CV19 are changing day to day, place to place, according to who you listen to, how the data is reported. Mixed advice also changing, and countless contradictions, raise serious questions. Many, including myself, have been researching for viable answers to what's really going on, as it's obvious that something's not right with the mainstream narrative.

Censorship: Questioning or challenging the official mainstream media narratives labels me as a “conspiracy theorist” by those who only trust the officially sanctioned sources (heavily controlled by corporate profit interests). They are not open to the possibility that alternative viewpoints may not only be valid, but that there could be more than one acceptable protocol for health. For example: Vitamin C has long been known to help prevent and improve all kinds of illnesses, flu, colds, etc. In China, IV Vitamin C was one of the successful treatments for this virus, along with TCM and Hydroxychloroquine. Hundreds of scientific studies prove the efficacy of Vitamin C to stimulate immunity. But Big Pharma can't patent or profit from it, so they want it stopped. Now it's being maligned as a “fake unproven cure!” A medical spa offering IV Vitamin C and Zinc for prevention, which was also helping serious cases, was raided by the FDA in hazmat suits, shut down for offering “fraudulent therapies”. No patients were harmed or injured by the therapy. Conditions improved and the owner was even offering treatments for no cost to essential care workers if their insurance didn't cover the cost. This guy was only doing good, offering a very safe therapy known to help prevent and improve respiratory and immune illnesses! Meanwhile look at the high % numbers of patients dying on respirators! One NYC doctor recently observed that the respirators may be making patients worse. He chose to use oxygen instead, which helped his patients survive! He was trying to save more patients by speaking out. He was not only reprimanded for going against the hospital's standard protocol, but also for challenging publicly that respirators may not be the right treatment for Covid-19. Which makes one question if invasive treatment decisions are about the money, noting hospitals receive $39K for ventilator patients, but a fraction of that for oxygen.

Mainstream medicine has made it illegal to advertise or offer any cures or remedies for Covid-19. They want to silence all alternative voices, solutions or options, and are only pushing for a vaccine. There are now more than 30 mutations of this virus, and no guarantee that any vaccine could prevent them all, or even be safe if fast-tracked. (I'm well aware of the conflicts of interest from big pharma that have been going on for decades, where ALL effective alternative cancer treatments have been outlawed, attacked, and discredited, and only the most expensive chemo drugs are permitted to treat cancer.) Censorship currently is at an all-time high. Online posts that contradict the status quo are being blocked, banned, and heavily censored by Facebook, Google, YouTube and other platforms claiming to be an effort to protect the public from dangerous misinformation and fake news.

Standing Up for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: The US Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were founded upon principles of unalienable rights and freedoms that are rapidly eroding away. No matter which political party you support, current government policies should be a real concern for anyone who values any kind of freedom and autonomy. Non-compliance of unjust laws, and resistance against invasive technologies, should be the right of every citizen. People are realizing that many industries, chemicals, systems and technologies the world has come to accept and depend on, may eventually be our demise. A lot of promising solutions have been systematically repressed by monopolies who wish to control all commerce, wealth and profits. Going back-to-the-land, creating alternative off-grid lifestyles, permaculture communities, organic farming and gardens and restoring the planet from a century of exploitation, are ideals worth fighting for. That also includes our right to health freedom and choices for our own bodies. It’s time to tell our truth, to call out the wrongs and evils, to lift the veils of secrecy and corruption. It's necessary to take back our power from those who wish to enslave humanity, to stand up for freedom, for life and the health of future generations. This will require more of the masses to question the mainstream propaganda, to seek deeper to ferret out and demand the truth that’s been inverted. Change can only happen if enough people awaken to what is wrong and what the world really needs moving forward.

The reality is that life has changed, and is changing fast. We must learn how to adapt to the changes, to see things with new eyes, and let go of things from the past that no longer serve us now. Things may never return to the way they were pre-pandemic. Life is an adventure. None of us know if we will be here tomorrow, next week, or next year. We don't know what is to come, so why not make the best of where we are now, and envision the kind of future we wish to create. Maybe the best we can do at this moment is to love, to be a beacon of light to lead others to truth.

Blessing to all. 🙏

Stay safe, healthy & happy.

LOVE, ❤️


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