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What is “Sacred ˝Geometry” and what makes it sacred?

Sacred Geometry is the application of aesthetic design principles using Divine Proportions and patterns as found in nature, for spiritual or sacred purposes. It has its source in mathematical ratios, theories, harmonics, alchemy and other esoteric sciences and philosophical systems. In previous posts I discuss mandalas & yantras and the symbolism behind their graphic configurations. Many mandalas and yantras are designed from the same symbolic shapes and principles that sacred geometry is based on.

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Yantras - Sacred Diagrams and Their Symbolic Energy Potential

What exactly are Yantras? Do they actually have any beneficial purpose or powers to enhance your life?

Yantras are mystical power diagrams or compositions of geometric shapes and abstract or symbolic elements that correspond to material elements, forms of energy or cosmic forces.

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Mandalas - Sacred Circles of Life, Art and Timeless Traditions

What do mandalas have to offer us? And how can we use them for personal growth, wisdom, healing and understanding our present lives, as well as ancient societies and traditions?

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PRANA, The Breath and Our Vital Life Force Energy

© by Marsha Silvestri

What is Prana? In yoga, prana is associated with the breath, but it is much more than the function of breathing.

Prana is a vital life energy that functions on many levels, including the physical breath, the subtle energy systems, the spirit, and pure consciousness.

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Chakras and the Healing Power of Color

What are chakras really? What do their colors mean? How can color therapy help to balance our chakras and health?

These are just a few questions and topics explored in this post. From astrology to energy frequencies, I explain the relationship of the chakras to various color associations, including tips and little known secrets for how to utilize color to enhance your energy and your life.

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