Tips to Stay Healthy in a Pandemic

Tips to Stay Healthy in a Pandemic

PREVENTING OR RECOVERY FROM COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, SARS, 2019-nCoV, or the 2019 second generation of the SARS virus from 2003)

By Marsha Silvestri -

Being in the heart of a global pandemic, I've compiled a list of health tips for what I believe to be effective solutions to help prevent the Coronavirus, as well as survival and recovery tips for those who are already diagnosed, experiencing symptoms, or may become infected. These suggestions come from various sources I've been following over recent months, combined with general health practices and natural remedies based on decades of personal experience, research and alternative medicine studies.

According to a Peking University study, multiple strains of the virus have been identified, at least two types “S” and “L” were found in China, with the L-type having a higher transmission rate that appears to be more aggressive and virulent than the S-type. The L-type was the strain most common during the Wuhan outbreak. New reports claim the virus has been mutating* as it spreads worldwide, and it is not yet known if those mutations make the virus stronger, weaker or more contagious. As of 3/27, at least 8 strains had been discovered circling the globe, each having similar symptoms to the s and L strains.

The virus is from a family of coronaviruses named for their spiky outer surface, which resemble the points of a crown - hence the name “Corona”. These protrusions are composed of oily proteins that attach and hook into human host tissues and membranes. When the virus proliferates human cells, it hijacks the cell's normal function and begins to multiply, destroying the human cells. This process usually begins in the nose, mouth or throat area causing a sore throat. From there the virus can migrate down into the bronchial tubes, where it causes inflammation and infection of the lungs. This Coronavirus mainly affects the alveoli cells of the lungs. In some people it can progress to pneumonia and serious lung impairment blocking the air passages requiring ventilation. The most acute cases can result in organ failure and even death.


Typical symptoms include a sore throat, a dry cough, fever, shortness of breath, headache, chest pain, difficulty breathing or fatigue. Some people also experience nasal congestion, body aches, loss of appetite, runny nose, GI issues or diarrhea. As it infects the lungs its greatest threat is severe acute respiratory syndrome, a type of pneumonia where sticky fluids fill the lungs and block oxygen intake and air flow. (Update: Doctors are now disputing the SARS pneumonia diagnosis, reporting that what patients appear to be suffering from is more like altitude sickness, where their breathing muscles are still functioning, where they do not need a respirator, but their body is experiencing a lack of oxygen intake.) In severe cases a fibrosis-like condition occurs that creates scarring and hard glass-like particles in the tissues. People at highest risk include those already suffering from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, severe hypertension, high blood pressure, cancer, auto-immune diseases, or a weakened immune system. People with Type-A blood may be more susceptible, or vulnerable to the infection, where Type-O blood are believed to be more resistant having lower risk of infection.

Colds, flu and allergies have similar symptoms. People suffering from sinus infections, allergies to pollen, sneezing, congestion, itchy eyes, a stuffy or runny nose, head colds, muscle aches, ear congestion, watery eyes and sneezing, are less likely to be the coronavirus. If among these symptoms there is no fever, you can probably rule out Covid-19.

5/20 Update?: Reports coming out of Italy have claimed that autopsies done on victims indicated severe blood clotting or thrombosis, inflammation and restricted oxygen flow to organs, lungs, heart and brain as the cause of death. They also suggested that the infection is caused by a bacterium rather than a virus. Mainstream media debunks these reports as false, but knowing the current heavy censorship against anything but the official mainstream narrative (that there are no cures except for a future vaccine), and the many inconsistent / conflicting theories, I feel the oxygen factor is worth more research that may provide keys to a cure. 

My aim here is to provide objective information from a variety of mainstream, alternative, ancient and cutting-edge sources, and let the readers decide for themselves what they choose to accept as truth, and how they wish to use that info. I'm opposed to the censorship of information that goes against or challenges the official narrative coming out of the biased mainstream that only supports corporate profits, and rejects the validity of any other alternative viewpoints.

Transmission & Infection:

This virus (or pathogen) is reported to be highly contagious from person to person contact and direct exposure to the live virus. Transmission occurs through the inhalation of micro-droplets of saliva when an infected person coughs, sneezes or speaks, and discharge from the nose, which are spread by touching infected surfaces and then touching the nose, mouth or mucus membranes. Transmission distances can be up to about 6-feet or 2 meters. A high percentage of infected people who are pre-symptomatic (showing no symptoms) are still able to transmit the disease. 


The virus can stay alive in the body for days or even weeks before symptoms appear. People can be contagious without showing any symptoms, which supports the need for social distancing, quarantines and containment to prevent its spread. Even though you may be virus free, you can't be certain everyone you come in contact with are, so caution right now is vital to slow the spread. Incubation period on average after exposure is said to be about 5 days, but reports have ranged from 2 days to as long as 14 days. Some estimate much longer, up to 35 days. After infection one may still be contagious up to 3 days after the last symptoms have occurred. We don't know yet whether one can be reinfected, or if catching it once develops a natural immunity to the virus.

There are no antibiotics that are effective against this virus for either treatment or prevention. Antibiotics do not work against viruses. They only work on bacterial infections. Some may work on secondary infections that are bacterial. To date there are also no vaccines or pharmaceutical drugs known to treat this strain. 


Social Distancing and Quarantine:

🔴 If you are sick or have been exposed to patients with the disease, self-quarantine is highly recommended to avoid infecting others. If you have any symptoms do not go out, avoid contact with others, especially the elderly or immune compromised individuals. Follow suggestions below for prevention or recovery at home. If symptoms persist or worsen, see a doctor, and/or get tested. (US testing facilities are only currently accepting people who are showing known symptoms.) Do not run to the ER if it's not an emergency. If you do need to go out, please wear a mask to avoid infecting others.

People are being advised to stay home, and only go out when necessary for food, supplies, exercise, or if you need to go to work. If you can work at home that is recommended for now. In public try to maintain a distance of 6 feet from others. Avoid crowds, close contact interactions or prolonged time spent in confined spaces with recirculated air.

MASKS: If you need to go out to shop or work and will be in contact with others, you may want to wear a surgical mask or gloves. The mask doesn't guarantee 100% protection, but reduces the likelihood of spreading the disease. The N-95 Mask is one of the most effective to prevent inhaling in airborne droplets, but is only really necessary if you have close contact or interaction for several minutes with someone who is infected. For everyday activities, a surgical mask helps prevent people from touching their mouth and nose. If you can't find disposable masks, you can make your own washable mask. There are many patterns and instructions online. A double layer of pre-shrunk tightly woven cotton works well to hold up through hot water washings or bleach. Cotton is also breathable. Some masks leave an opening to insert a disposable vacuum filter between layers for extra filtration. HEPA filters are also effective material to use for mask-making. Respirator masks from paint stores can also be used.

I don't recommend microwave cooking, but MW ovens can be useful to disinfect items like washcloths, sponges, and even reusable washable masks. Just be careful to never put any metal in a MW oven as that can cause a dangerous fire. DO NOT MW a mask that contains staples, metal wire or parts (check the nose area for wire sewn into the edge. Note: the N95 does contain some metal).

There is much conflicting data about how long the virus can remain active on surfaces. Some report up to 3 days on hard surfaces, while others claim up to 9 days on metal. Reports from cruise ships claimed contamination remained after 17 days. The virus can infect hair and clothing for several hours. As soon you return home, remove and wash your clothes, do not sit anywhere. Any detergent will destroy it. Warm or hot water works best. If you can't wash items, hang them in sunlight, which can also destroy the virus in about a day. Take a shower right away to remove any contamination from skin or hair. When going out you can also wear a hat, turban or head covering to protect your hair. 

Precautions & Protections:

🔴 WASH YOUR HANDS frequently with foaming soap for at least 20 seconds. Hot water is best, but you also need to use soap. The sudsing solvents in soap break down the oily outer surface (corona) of the virus, helping to destroy it. Always wash hands the moment you return home from shopping, traveling, after contact with others at work, exposure to people in public on busses, trains, after coughing, sneezing, touching your nose, mouth, always after using the rest room, before handling food, or after contact with people, surfaces or items that may have been exposed. Hand washing is not only essential for your own protection, it helps protect others if you are ill or were exposed unknowingly and may be a carrier. 

🔴 Hand Sanitizers: If you do risk contact with people who may be sick, carry a small bottle of antibacterial hand gel, sanitizer, spritzer or wipes. You can make your own solutions from natural ingredients. There are many great DIY recipes online with ingredients such as: aloe vera gel, colloidal silver, essential oils, Thieves oil and rubbing alcohol. A simple recipe calls for 2/3 cup rubbing alcohol, 1/3 cup aloe vera gel, adding a few drops of essential oils for fragrance and to help destroy pathogens, such as eucalyptus, clove or tea tree oil… Hydrogen peroxide can also be used as a disinfectant. Homemade sanitizers may be safer (and just as effective) than many store-bought commercial brands that contain triclosan, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, and hormone and endocrine disrupters that may be harmful to health with prolonged use. Overexposure to antibacterial sanitizers can promote disease-resistant pathogens. Alcohol and harsh ingredients can strip the skin of its normal defenses to bacteria, making one more prone to infections or dry irritated skin. Testing has shown that hand-washing with soap is more effective at eliminating most traces of pathogens, but sanitizers are still useful in emergency situations where there may be no access to water.

🔴 Avoid touching your face, nose, eyes or mouth where virus germs are the most easily spread points of infection entry. Wearing a mask can reduce the ability to unconsciously touch the nose or mouth, which many people do without realizing. If you do need to touch your face, only do so after washing your hands, If there is a chance you are infected, wash your hands after to avoid infecting others.

🔴 Try not to touch public handles, doorknobs, hand rails, etc. The virus can remain live on metals or hard surfaces up to 9 days. Wash metallic surfaces with disinfectant thoroughly and frequently. You can carry tissues, wipes or paper towels to use to touch doorknobs, shopping cart handles, or railings. Some doors can be pushed open with an elbow or foot. Be careful of elevator buttons, ATM keypads, LCD screens, and other objects touched by multiple people every day. In certain work environments workers are encouraged to wear rubber gloves. Also be aware that products and foods you bring home, may have been touched in stores by customers or workers. If they can be washed, clean them when you get home.

🔴 Coconut oil rubbed into the nose and swished in the mouth can help neutralize the virus. When airborne droplets of saliva enter the nose, the outer corona part of the virus is attracted to, or clings to the coconut oil, which functions like a solvent (similar to how soap works), dissolving its outer corona surface, causing the collapse of the virus structure, thus reducing or helping to prevent it from entering the airways.  

🔴 Keeping the immune system strong is the best defense from both catching the disease and recovering from it if you do become infected.

Home Self-Care:

🔴 Avoid dehydration: Drink lots of warm and hot fluids, teas, soups, coffee, warm water with lemon/ginger. Sip warm water frequently to keep mouth moist and wash any virus that may enter or exist in the mouth into the stomach to be destroyed or neutralized by gastric juices. Avoid cold drinks with ice.

🔴 Gargle daily with some type of antiseptic (salt water, colloidal silver*, diluted hydrogen peroxide, lemon water...) to destroy any virus or pathogens that may be lingering in the mouth or throat.

🔴 Colloidal Silver Solution - 1–3 teaspoons in a glass of water, helps fight many pathogens. It can be used in a spritzer sprayed into the throat or added to hand sanitizers, nebulizers, or used as a spray to decontaminate surfaces. Silver has a long history of use in destroying pathogens. The term “silverware” comes from the discovery that silver could destroy water and food-borne microbes. In the middle ages, silver cups, vessels and eating utensils helped protect the wealthy and ruling classes from the plague. The Romans used silver urns to prevent wine spoilage, and many other cultures had similar practices.

🔴 Yogic Neti Pot Cleansing of nasal passages with warm salted water can destroy many pathogens.

🔴 Do not smoke or vape. These activities weaken the lungs and immune system, are linked to lung inflammation and may increase the risk of severe coronavirus infection.

🔴 Eat a clean, healthy, balanced diet, preferably vegan or vegetarian mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. Spring is a good time to eat cleansing foods, chlorophyll-rich greens, citrus, and raw juices. Blended vegetable soups, beets, okra, mushrooms, rhubarb, natural organic foods, legumes, whole grains, seeds, nuts, herbs and spices are all beneficial. 

Use Probiotics: kimchi, raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar (with “the mother”) and raw sauerkraut are all immune boosting. 

Alkaline Diet: Many diseases including corona viruses thrive in a high-acid body pH, which reduces oxygen absorption. The ideal pH for human health is to be slightly alkaline. Foods that promote higher alkalinity can help boost the immune system and balance the body's pH to help resist viruses and all diseases. A few beneficial foods include: Dandelion, Aloe Vera, Leafy Greens, Kale, Spinach, Chlorella, Spirulina, Broccoli, Beets, Celery, Cucumber, Avocado, Pineapple, fresh Garlic, Lemon, Orange, Lime.. 

Avoid or reduce consumption of foods that increase acidity: Sugar, alcohol, meat, dairy, fish, junk/fast foods, processed foods, white rice, sweets, soda... 

🔴 Take immune stimulating supplements, Vitamin A Palminate; Vitamin C and lipsomal Vitamin C; D3; Zinc; Selenium (Selenium should not be taken with Vitamin C. Take them 3 or more hours apart.); Resveratrol; and Quercetin. Herbs: Astragalus; Turmeric (circumen supplements); Ginger (best if fresh); Medicinal Mushrooms (fresh or as supplements: turkeytail/coriolus, maitake, shiitake, reishi); Dandelion (fresh leaf, root or supplement); Elderberry (fruit or extracts); Licorice Root; Olive Leaf Extract; Flax Seed (ground). 

Update: Homeopathy: 4/20 Cuba has been using Homeopathic remedies to help support and strengthen the immune system. Sublingual drops of the compound PrevengHo-Vir are used to increase resistance to diseases such as influenza, colds, dengue, and viral infections such as coronavirus.

🔴 If you feel a sore throat coming on, attack it immediately using Herbs, Essential Oil Diffusing or Nebulizing, Colloidal Silver*, Heat*, Saunas*, Hot Baths, Gargle; Zinc Lozenges (or 75 mg at onset of cold/flu/sore throat); Vitamin A Palminate (400,000 IU 2 days); Vitamin C (IV drip, or 1000 mg daily, or to bowel tolerance), or Lipsomal Vitamin C can allow for higher dosage tolerance, (Note: IV Vitamin C was used in China to successfully save the lives of Covid-19 patients.; D3 (50,000 IU 2 days); Oil of Oregano, Raw Garlic* (fresh, crushed mixed in foods); Ginger Tea (fresh); Turmeric (fresh root or curcumin supplement); Ceylon Cinnamon; Onion (raw is best); warm or hot soups; herbal teas; or fresh lemon water. Antibacterial remedies may help if the sore throat or other symptoms are caused by a cold, tonsillitis or strep.

🔴 Heat Therapy*: The virus is heat-sensitive, easily destroyed by high heat temperatures. That's one reason in summer and warm weather, cases of viruses tend to diminish. Natural treatments, such as hyperthermia / exposure to high heat (over 133°F or 56°C, which is lower than typical sauna temps of 60·90°C or 140–195°F) can destroy at least 90% of the virus within a very short time. Saunas - breathing deep for 5 minutes in a sauna, can kill 90% of any viruses in the upper respiratory system. Repeating a second or third exposure about an hour apart will kill any remaining coronavirus. When using any heat therapy it is essential to drink water to prevent dehydration from loss of moisture form sweat. Precautions: People with health conditions like heart disease or high blood pressure may need to stick to lower temperatures. Pregnant women should avoid high heat. 

With health clubs and gyms being closed, you can purchase portable home saunas in a variety of price ranges. FIR (Far Infrared) Saunas are great health investment for a number of conditions including destroying viruses and pathogens by raising the body's core temperature, similar to how a fever naturally fights infection.

If you don't have access to a sauna, some claim you can use a hair dryer* to breathe in hot air. Other reports claim this does not work and consider it to be fake news. Hot air could destroy some of the virus in the nose or airways, but not those that have migrated deeper into the lungs, where heating the whole body through FIR, saunas or hyperthermia makes more sense to be effective.

Steam & Herbal Vapors? I don't know what impact steam rooms or hot-tubs would have on the virus. Since the virus reproduces in moist dark environments, dry heat would probably be a more effective choice than steam. Dry air in a sauna can be tolerated much hotter than humid air of steam. According to traditional herbal medicine, boiling the leaves of Neem, and inhaling the steam herbal vapors from the boiling water has been a long-time remedy for colds, flu and respiratory illnesses. 

Herbal Face Steam Methods: Boiling the leaves of eucalyptus, thyme, rosemary, peppermint, basil, lavender or oregano, is another traditional decongesting home remedy. Hold your face about 8"–10" above a bowl or pot of hot boiled herbs; drape a towel over your head that covers the pot like a tent; and breathe the herb-infused steam for about 10 minutes. This helps loosen lung, sinus and chest congestion. I've not seen this method being used for the coronavirus, and don't know if it is effective for that, but for common colds and flu it's another option. 

The other heat therapy one might try is a hot bath which warms the whole body. You can add a few drops of essential oils such a eucalyptus, thyme or mullein to the bath water, which are each traditionally used for lung health. Epsom salt and/or hydrogen peroxide added to a hot bath promotes detoxification, relief of pain and a number of conditions. Water should NOT be too hot to cause burns, scalding or redness, and don't stay in the bath for too long (no longer than 20 minutes). Very hot water can be dangerous for the elderly and young infants. (Do not exceed 100° F or 38° C). Adding Hydrogen peroxide to the bath water may help the body to absorb needed oxygen through the skin into the blood.

Of all the heat therapy options, though each have been effective traditionally for relief from colds, flu, lungs or chest congestion, FIR sauna makes the most sense to me for raising the body temperature in an attempt to naturally destroy the virus using heat. Heat promotes sweating, cleansing and purification, which helps reduce toxins in the body, and improves blood and lymph circulation.

🔴 Oxygen therapies deserve exploration, such as nebulizing hydrogen peroxide, which can be done at home with a nebulizing mask and 3% H2O2 (food grade is preferable). Nebulizing vaporizes the peroxide where the mist can be inhaled into the nasal passages, sinuses, mouth and lungs to destroy viruses. HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is a safer alternative than ventilation for severe CV cases, especially if there are lung blockages, because the oxygen permeates all the tissues of the body. IV Ozone therapy has been effective for combatting infections and viruses.


🔴 Use an Essential Oil Diffuser*. The cool mist ultrasonic diffusers work best.  There are other types of diffusers. In the absence of a cool mist diffuser, one can use a potpourri burner, or a reed evaporative diffuser. Small wall plug heat diffusers use a small bulb to warm or dispense the oils. Avoid synthetic scented oils made from petrochemicals. Pure, natural organic oils are most effective. One can wear a personal evaporative diffuser (like a locket or pendant containing a pad or piece of leather moistened with a few drops of EO that you breathe the vapors while wearing it.)

Diffusing Essential Oils - In an Essential Oil Diffuser reservoir, add about 1/2 cup distilled water (or fill to the level indicated), add 4–5 drops of pure essential oil to the water and run it for at least an hour or longer. You can also add a teaspoon of colloidal silver to the water. Some units have timers, others run until the water is evaporated. My top choice for viral infections is Thieves Oil, a powerful blend of essential oils effective against bacterial, viral and other pathogens. It is one of the best blends for the flu, coughs, bronchial issues and the health of the lungs.)

Thieves Oil is made from a blend of 5 essential oils. The recipe was discovered during the Bubonic “Black” Plague, when a gang of grave-robbers were looting the graves of wealthy people who died from the plague. Although they had direct contact with corpses of plague victims, they didn't become ill. They were eventually caught and in exchange for clemency, they revealed to the king how they survived exposure to the virus. They covered their hands and body with these oils and wore face masks infused with this combination of antiviral/ antibacterial oils which protected them from the virus. Thieves Oil can be purchased already blended, sold by a few different name brands, or you can make your own if you already have a collection of oils or cannot find the already blended products..

How to Make your Own Thieves Oil Blend

  • 40 drops clove bud essential oil
  • 35 drops lemon essential oil
  • 20 drops cinnamon bark essential oil
  • 15 drops eucalyptus essential oil
  • 10 drops rosemary essential oil

Thieves Oil can be mixed with a carrier oil for external applications, or mixed with water for a spray for cleaning surfaces, used as a throat spray, added to home-made hand sanitizer or skin creams. It smells wonderful and is not toxic like bleach or most commercial disinfectant cleaning supplies.

Two EO Cautions to Note: Essential oils should never be used around cats. They can be toxic to cats. Most oils should not be used full strength directly on skin. They should always be used sparingly, just a few drops diluted with a carrier oil or in a liquid. Also most EOs are not suitable for internal consumption. The only brand I know of that claims their oils are food-grade are from Young Living. To be safe, never ingest them in large quantities. Used as a throat spray or a couple of drops in a juice recipe goes a long way. YL Thieves Oil and RC blends are especially effective relieving lung and bronchial symptoms, colds, flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, respiratory and chest congestion, sinusitis and allergies.

🔴 Smudging with Sage: The smoke from burning sage* helps destroy airborne pathogens. Sage smoke has antimicrobial air-purifying properties that helps destroy viruses, bacteria, fungi and energetic impurities. Avoid direct inhalation of the smoke if you have any lung or breathing problems. Smudging is best performed with an open window to clear the space of stale air and the smoke.

🔴 Get plenty of sleep and rest, preferably in a dark room without wifi, lights or noise. During sleep the body produces melatonin. As we age melatonin production decreases. Wifi signals, EMFs and light can all disrupt the body's ability to produce melatonin, so people with deficiencies may need to take melatonin supplements. Melatonin helps protect the body from a response known as a cytokine storm, which is associated with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), and acute lung injury (ALI), which are among the most serious symptoms of Covid-19.

(Many people are linking this virus to the electromagnetic microwave damage from 5G cell towers. 5G microwave frequencies disrupt heath and can cause the body's cells to heat up (like a fever), plus dozens of other symptoms, many that are the same as the reported Covid-19 symptoms. Keep cellphones and wifi routers away from the bed or sleep areas. (I will discuss EMF and MW illness in a future blogpost, an important topic with the coming 5G worldwide rollout scheduled for 2020.) 

🔴 Get regular exercise, fresh air, sunshine, deep breathing exercises help strengthen the lungs. ChiGong and Yoga have specific deep breathing exercises to expand lung capacity and improve lung health and immunity. If you're healthy enough to work out, aerobic exercise helps keep the lungs strong and vital. Kundalini yoga uses exercises combined with powerful breathing techniques that help to oxygenate the blood, and purify the lungs. Nature is a great healer, in parks, gardens, forests or wooded areas the fresh air produced by the trees and plants is naturally rich in oxygen. Breathing the naturally ionized salty air near the ocean is also beneficial. Bare skin exposure to the Sun helps the body produce natural Vitamin D, which is essential for the immune system. Beware that sunscreens can block or inhibit Vitamin D production. 

🔴 CPT (Chest Physiotherapy Treatment) is a technique used to loosen up, break up and drain any built-up mucus in the lungs. You need a partner or someone to do this on you, or you can perform it on someone else. With both people standing, one person rhythmically taps up and down the back of the other all around the lung area for about a minute. Do this about two or three times daily. 

🔴 Stay positive. Avoid worry, panic or stress, thinking worse-case scenarios, watching too much news and fear mongering. Turn off the TV if you are sensitive to all the doomsday reports. Realize that the statistics are not as serious as mainstream media is making them out to be. The majority of patients, more than 90% survive, suffering only mild to moderate symptoms. (80% of cases diagnosed are mild like a regular flu, making a full recovery. 14% experience moderate to severe symptoms that may require hospitalization. About 5% become critical requiring emergency or ICU care. Only about 2% are deadly. Of these the majority are elderly over age 70, people with preexisting conditions or the immune-compromised all have a higher fatality risk.) To put in perspective, the average death rate is still very low compared to deaths from other diseases and causes, although the numbers are changing every day as the pandemic rapidly spreads, especially in certain hot spots.  

Conspiracy Theories:

There are dozens of stories and videos circulating around the internet regarding the pandemic. Possible agendas include it being:

  • a scam or hoax (Although people are genuinely sick and dying, many claim this not a real pandemic compared to past pandemic infections and death toll numbers, where the true statistics are being exaggerated, manipulated, inaccurate or blown out of proportion to merit the global shut-downs.) 
  • symptoms being the result of 5G technology, or the virus being activated or intensified through 5G EMF / MW frequencies
  • created by a Satanic cult or alien beings or life forms
  • a bioweapon created in a lab for world depopulation as outlined in the Georgia Guidestones
  • an excuse to justify imposing forced vaccinations, microchips, getting people to willingly accept mandated vaccines...
  • a cover-up to blame for the global economic collapse, or a method to forcefully collapse the economy to impose a new digital currency and monetary system
  • a method for moving countries into cashless societies or a universal currency
  • planetary takeover of the NWO / one-world government by the top illuminati families (Rockefellers & Rothschilds) controlled by the wealthy elite 
  • that the quarantine is really intended for social control to stop the mass revolution protests that have been rising up and growing in many countries in 2018 and 2019
  • a distraction to disrupt the 2020 US elections and/or to keep the corrupt cabal system in power
  • and excuse to impose martial law to take away basic freedoms and rights
  • a method to impose fear and chaos so people will be too preoccupied to realize or stop what is really going on…
  • a scheme to destroy small businesses and independent workers, so that big businesses will control everything.

plus many more thought-provoking theories.

Although there may be some truth to a few of these theories, I don't have enough concrete evidence to support them at this time, so I don't feel this is the right forum to address them. They also may cause unnecessary anxiety and stress to worry about possible motives and potential scenarios that may not be real. I'll leave these up to the experts, insiders and whistle blowers to uncover. 

One theory about the 5G frequencies I feel is worth researching, would be using healing frequencies to offset any harm the 5G waves might cause. I hope to explore sound and frequency healing in a future post.  

Reasons to Go Vegan:

One of the reasons we're experiencing this pandemic is due to the disrespect for nature by the abuse and consumption of animals. The current coronavirus is believed to have spread to humans from wild animals (bats, snakes or pangolin are the main suspects) sold in wet markets of China. 75% of emerging diseases today originate from animals. Bird Flu, SARS, Swine Flu, Mad Cow Disease, and even AIDS are all linked to animal origins. Filthy factory farms are a breeding ground for deadly diseases in both humans and animals. Salmonella, e-coli, BSE (Bovine spongiform encephalitis), Trichinosis (from pork), Scrapie (from lamb), Listeria, and other parasitic infections are all associated with meat-eating and animal agriculture. Meat consumption has been linked to nine major diseases including heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease and stroke. Factory farming contributes to air, water and soil pollution and both animal and human illness and health imbalances caused by the use of unnatural hormones, antibiotics and chemicals. The abuse and overuse of antibiotics in animal farming is responsible for today's lethal antibiotic-resistant strains of staph and other infections. The harmful impact on nature, including loss of species, insects, bees, sea life plant life and contamination of waterways are all impacted by commercial animal agriculture. By eliminating the land used for cattle grazing worldwide, and replacing it with plant-based food crops we can solve world hunger and foods shortages. The destruction of rainforests and many massive wildfires around the globe today are largely due to land clearing to make way for cattle grazing and factory farming.

To read more on this topic see my previous posts ( SOS Planet Earth and Conscious Eating… that address the impact of animal farming on the environment). If there can be one lesson learned from this pandemic, it might be the need to respect nature and reduce the consumption of meat and animal products.

Change is not always easy, especially if you cook for a family who are not all on board. Not everyone is ready to go fully vegan. Going vegetarian is a good start. You can start by eliminating red meat, gradually reducing animal products, replacing them with vegetarian substitutes. If you do still consume animal foods, choose organic, free-range, preferably from small local farms rather than the major factory farms.

Check out my ebook on healthy Vegan eating that lists 101 anti-aging vegan and vegetarian foods.

 101 Powerful AntiAging Vegan Foods

Silver Linings?

If there is a silver lining in this pandemic, I'd like to think it could be a wake-up call for the world to understand the negative impact the consumption of animals is having on the planet, for more people to be inspired to respect and live in better balance with nature.

Areas of China once highly polluted are now seeing blue skies and clean air since factories have shut down due to the pandemic. You can observe this from space! Less driving, traffic and commuting to work has helped reduce air pollution in many cities. Social distancing can go two ways. On one hand many people are now more isolated, but on the bright side, as people retreat indoors, families and couples are being forced to spend more time together. Many whose work has been stressful, are now having an opportunity to slow down take a well-needed rest, to reboot, reconnect with themselves, have time to read, reflect, or catch up on things there never seemed to be enough time for when working full-time. People in general have become more conscious of personal hygiene, the importance of washing hands, covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze, and not going out in public if sick in consideration of the elderly or people who may be immune compromised. What will become of the economy still remains to be seen as more people are out of work, many workers are not being paid, and many restaurants, small businesses companies and entire industries are losing business, with the threat of closure and collapse. Hopefully people will discover new innovative ways of living, working, earning or collaborating that are more in harmony with one another and the planet.

In closing, my prayer is for everyone to stay safe, healthy, strong, and anyone who is already infected, I wish you a speedy full recovery. I pray this pandemic passes quickly so we can all return to normal life, socializing, fun celebrations, physical interactions and being able to safely hug and touch each other, to share caring and community again without any fear or worry..

Love & Blessings!  ❤️


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PS: I will continue to update this post as new information becomes available.  

*Disclaimer Note: Certain items noted with asterisks* have recently been challenged or labeled as “fake news” by the FDA + other organizations or media agencies currently flagging, “debunking”, deleting and censoring info about natural solutions offered to combat Covid-19. They have financial interests and ties to the pharmaceutical industry and have been trying to outlaw these therapies for years. Reliable studies have shown colloidal silver + other natural remedies are not only effective at destroying a whole host of pathogens (including some that have become resistant to antibiotics and drug therapies). These natural remedies are less invasive, have fewer or no negative side effects, do no harm, and most are much more affordable than mainstream medical treatments. This topic of the mainstream establishment narratives verses alternative therapies is way too complex to debate here. I have dozens of my own personal positive experiences to back up much of what I claim or recommend. If you choose to only believe mainstream media's biased attacks, that's your choice. If you believe the natural solutions have merit, it couldn't hurt to try some of them, and might even help. I do understand the powers that be are trying to protect people from false hope, but the mainstream medical establishment has not offered much in terms of effective treatment besides late-stage emergency hospital care. I'm not a medical doctor, and I'm not qualified to offer medical advice regarding the cure or treatment of any diseases or medical conditions. The information I'm sharing includes general advice from traditional therapies, alternative healing arts and sciences, such as TCM, Ayurveda, herbology, and others, from hundreds of sources, available on various websites, books and videos. Some of these modalities have a history going back hundreds or thousands of years, much longer than western allopathic medicine.