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In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd) and Earth Week, concurrent this year with Easter (April 21st), the topic of today's LifeBlog is RENEWAL.

Easter always coincides with the spring season of new beginnings, renewal and rebirth. The date for Easter changes year-to-year according to the Lunar calendar as the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the March 21 Vernal Equinox. Orthodox Easter, based on the Julian Calendar, usually occurs about a week later. In Christianity, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Resurrection is a common theme in many religions and cultures observing feasts and festivals celebrating the Rites of Spring, such as Beltane from Celtic traditions, which occurs on April 30–May 1st. In pagan traditions Ostara preceded Easter as a time of renewal after a long cold winter.   

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Mudras - Their Meanings & Beneficial Uses

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The word “mudra” in Sanskrit, means “a gesture”, seal or closure. There are hundreds, if not thousands of mudras from various cultural traditions, religious rituals and esoteric disciplines. Like sign language, mudras serve as a form of symbolic communication as observed through the ages in many arts, statues and paintings depicting Jesus, Buddha and other spiritual masters and deities. Many early Orthodox Christian Icons depict Jesus, Mary and other saints using the same hand gestures as eastern Hindu and Buddhist mudras. This suggests evidence that eastern religions had a stronger influence on Christianity than the modern church would like us to believe, and that similar meditation techniques were once part of early Christian practices.

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A Valentine to the Planet

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It's the theme of countless songs, poems, films, stories and works of art, some call it the most powerful force in the universe, so it's no surprise that in honor of Valentine's Day that I chose to explore “Love” as the topic for this week's post.

Why do we even celebrate Valentine's Day, and what does it have to do with love? 

Saint Valentine was a Catholic Priest who served during the 3rd century. The then emperor Claudius outlawed marriage for young men, believing that unmarried men without families and children made better soldiers for his army.

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Water – An Essential Nutrient for Life

Today's LifeBlog post continues with Part 2 last week's topic “Water is Life”.

Part 1 focussed on the growing global water crises, its impact on the environment, offering practical solutions, tips and methods to help conserve, preserve and protect our most valuable resource. In this post I explore the physical and biological life enhancing qualities of water, plus discuss its energetic, symbolic and spiritual significance.

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Our Growing Global Water Crisis - Problems & Solutions

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Yesterday I saw a powerful interview with Dr. David Suzuki about how close we are as a species to extinction. Much of his talk focussed on water, the crises we face from unsustainable industrial growth, and how the corporate economic agenda fails to value what is sacred and essential to life. Later that evening I came upon a fascinating webinar on water fasting for cleansing, rejuvenation and longevity. I was undecided about what topic to explore next on my blog, when awakening to a torrential rainstorm gave me the answer. These 3 synchronistic messages from the universe felt like the water element was urging me towards a topic to dedicate this week's Lifeblog post to, which is protecting our most precious resource – WATER.

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