Our Growing Global Water Crisis - Problems & Solutions

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Yesterday I saw a powerful interview with Dr. David Suzuki about how close we are as a species to extinction. Much of his talk focussed on water, the crises we face from unsustainable industrial growth, and how the corporate economic agenda fails to value what is sacred and essential to life. Later that evening I came upon a fascinating webinar on water fasting for cleansing, rejuvenation and longevity. I was undecided about what topic to explore next on my blog, when awakening to a torrential rainstorm gave me the answer. These 3 synchronistic messages from the universe felt like the water element was urging me towards a topic to dedicate this week's Lifeblog post to, which is protecting our most precious resource – WATER.

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Today's post takes a diversion from my previous esoteric art topics, exploring dance as an art form to promote peace and ecology.

Last night I dreamed I was being interviewed for a TV broadcast about my professional experience as a “street dancer”, as if I were a celebrity and my history of performing in parades and festivals was of significant value or interest to the mainstream viewer audience.

OK, I know it was only a dream, but it roused the issue of “artistic value”, a recurring theme in my life, and an ever-bewildering question: Why are the creative arts are so beloved, providing so much beauty, brilliance and inspiration, yet financial success for artists remains elusive and  minimal compared to many other skilled and unskilled professions? This mystery around financial values has plagued me most of my career - why much of the the world fails to fairly compensate certain arts, particularly street artists and dancers.

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Creating peace through the creative arts

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“Peace on Earth”, it's almost a cliché we've all heard in songs, poems, sermons, speeches and holiday greetings… This universal expression resonates with humans from all walks of life, age, race, religion or creed. Yet how many people experience, understand, embody or consciously practice “peace” in their everyday lives?

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What is “Sacred ˝Geometry” and what makes it sacred?

Sacred Geometry is the application of aesthetic design principles using Divine Proportions and patterns as found in nature, for spiritual or sacred purposes. It has its source in mathematical ratios, theories, harmonics, alchemy and other esoteric sciences and philosophical systems. In previous posts I discuss mandalas & yantras and the symbolism behind their graphic configurations. Many mandalas and yantras are designed from the same symbolic shapes and principles that sacred geometry is based on.

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This dove image was created entirely from the word “PEACE” translated into 108 different languages and symbols. The idea and concept came to me during a meditation while participating in the Dances for Universal Peace (a multi-cultural spiritual practice from Sufi traditions done within a group, using circle dances, prayers, sacred phrases and songs from various world religions. Its intention is to raise consciousness and promote peace between diverse religions).

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